2018 Fall Monday League Summary

Here’s a link to the summary of the biggest league to date!


To view summaries for any league run since started back in 2012 just click on “Past Leagues” above.

Hoping to have the 2018 Thursday Fall League summary out before the end of the week.

12.17.2018 – Ryder Cup Results

Thanks to everyone who came out last night and stuck around to the end. Congrats to Team Wayne on the victory.

1st Place – Team Wayne

2nd Place – Team Felix

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2018 Fall Thursday Winners!

League Tournament
Champs Runner-Up Champs Runner-Up
D1 Christine and Kevin Alan and Ron Christine and Kevin BG Boards
D2 Rob and Steve Billy and Dave Felix and Ryan Billy and Dave
D3 Don and Deb REBELS Cornslingers Bees
D4 Sliders TMNT Kernal Sanders TMNT

2018 Fall Monday Winners!

Congrats to all of our league winners. Full league recap will be posted in the next week or two.

League Tournament
Div Champs Runner-Up Champs Runner-Up
D1 Chuckie and Eli Nicole and Ken Chuckie and Eli Nicole and Ken
D2 Bagnificent Josh and Jim Josh and Jim Eliminators
D3 Randal and Nick Ryan and Greg Slim and Chubby Ryan and Greg
D4 Slim and Chubby Jeff and Russ Jeff and Russ Beers and Bags
D5 Beers & Bags Vanarchy The Hole Masters Vanarchy
D6 Chris and Bill Wha Wha Wha Rick and Keith Jim and Eric
D7 Corn Flakes Pete and Joann Pete and Joann Jason and Bill

League Poll Results

Hello Cornhole league players, thanks to those that took the time to respond to the poll that was sent via email. If you play in the Monday or Thursday cornhole league and did not receive one, well, it’s likely because I don’t have your email address. Send it to me and I’ll add you for future cornhole communications.

So every couple of years I take a poll just to see if I can find a way to make the league better and I share the results with everyone. Here are the results and some of my observations. There were 46 responses.

General League Questions

Rating League Rating Boards Website
10 24 32 25
9 13 12 11
8 6 2 7
7 2 0 3
6 1 0 0
5 0 0 0
4 0 0 0
3 0 0 0
2 0 0 0
1 0 0 0
Total 46 46 46
Average 9.24 9.65 9.26

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Cornhole for Youth Challenge Results

First off thank you again to Ganley Chevrolet, Rookies Bar and Grille, Andy’s Autowash, A-Men Pest Control, Paisano’s Pizza and the UAW Local 1005 Women’s Committee. Also special thanks to Dennis Fortney with all the help with getting the hall, sponsors and setting up! Seto also with sponsors and Jason Slifko also with setting up.

Won’t know exact money raised for a couple of days, but will share with you once I do.

Here are the results:

Premier Doubles

1st – Jeff Reynolds / Bill Sobleskie Jr.
2nd – Eric Anderson / Adam Hissner
3rd – Chad Braun / Trey Burchfield
4th – Chuckie Love / Kevin Allen Read More…

ACL December 2018 Results

Thank you to the 88 players that came out for the December regional. We set a record for most players in social doubles with 36 and social singles with 27! Here are the results.

Advanced Singles

1 Chuckie Love (2097)
2 Eric Anderson (5404)
3 Ken Schaef (2100)
4 Chad Braun (13945)
5 Mike Wamsley (14105)
5 Dave Reschke (27480) Read More…

ACL 2018-2019 Mid-East Conference #1 Results

Thanks to everyone who attended the ACL Conference event this past weekend. Many traveled 6+ hours to attend, so thanks for making the trip! Special thanks to the UAW Hall for hosting us and Dennis and Jason’s help with setting up and tearing down. Also Denni and everyone working the food and drinks!

Thanks also to Nick Bruno who sat behind the computer Friday night and all day Saturday to run the stream. Saturday’s stream reached over 54,000 people! You can still rewatch the stream by looking on the Cleveland Cornhole Facebook page and the American Cornhole League Facebook page.

We had 184 players and paid out over $5,000!

Thanks to our event sponsors:
Laria Chevrolet/Buick
Rookie’s Bar & Grill
Paisano’s Pizza
Reynolds Bags (for the Trophy Bags)
And the American Cornhole League for their support

ACL Cleveland Conference #1

1 Matt Strzala (8504)
2 Cody Henderson (2268) Read More…

ACL November 2018 Results

Thanks to the 88 players that made it out to the November Regional. Congrats to Brandon Corwin on winning the tri-fecta this month. He won the Advanced Blind Draw, Advanced Doubles (w/Trey Burchfield) and double dipped Bill Sobleskie to win Advanced Singles. Also congrats to Matt Abernathy who swept the Social division and has been moved up to Competitive.

Advanced Singles
1 Brandon Corwin (18397)
2 Bill Sobleskie (5409)
3 Chuckie Love (2097)
4 Adam Hissner (2105)
5 Eli Stevens (6115)
5 Trey Burchfield (7028) Read More…

ACL October 2018 Results

We did it again! Another new record with 92 unique players at our ACL Regional. Thank you to everyone who made it out. This is our 3rd year of running ACL and we not only set a record for most players, but set a record with 26 social singles players, 18 social doubles teams, 18 advanced doubles teams and tied a record with 32 advanced singles players.

Of course with growth come some changes. Due to running so late last night we will have to modify the schedule a bit. While like most of you I have no interest in starting at 9:30am, that’s really the only good option. The only other option is to overlap competitive and advanced meaning you would have to choose one or the other and I’m sure that won’t make many players happy. So knowing we may lose a few competitive players with the 9:30am start, that’s the only good option.

Also note our next regional in two weeks on 11/3 is at a different and smaller location that can handle 10 sets of boards instead of 13. I was unable to get the gym in November, so we have a new place for ONE MONTH ONLY. In December we will return to the gym.

We also have the ACL Conference Event (all Ohio and PA players) on November 16-17, so two chances to play ACL in November.

Again, thanks to everyone for your support of Cleveland Cornhole and the ACL! Here are the results.

Advanced Singles

1 Chuckie Love (2097)
2 Brandon Corwin (18397)
3 Bill Sobleskie (5409)
4 Chad Braun (13945)
5 Chad Mayberry (1957)
5 Trey Burchfield (7028) Read More…