ACL College is Expanding!

Are you a college student or do you know a college student who enjoys playing cornhole?

ACL College is expanding for the 2018 year!  Last year ACL College ran events at all of the SEC schools and had the winners head to the SEC Championship Game (Football) to play to see which school had the best cornhole players. These teams battled it out on ESPN3 and ESPNU and the same (or similar) is expected again this year with thousands of dollars up for grabs in scholarship money.

This year ACL College is expanding! Any college can be eligible to qualify a team for this years competition which will be held over two days (Dec 28-31, exact dates not set yet) in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Exact details have not yet been released, but you can get started now at your school or plan for Fall of 2018 by contacting the ACL and telling them you’re ready to get your school on board with Cornhole!

More details HERE

ACL April 2018 Results

Thanks once again to the 67 players that came out for the April regional. We have one more “full” monthly regional on May 12th for the 2017-2018 ACL season. Then it starts back up with a new season in August.

Advanced Singles

1 Chuckie Love (2097)
2 Trey Burchfield (7028)
3 Christine Papcke (1806)
4 Adam Hissner (2105)
5 Kieran Hornacek (9123)
5 Stacia Pugh (1805) Read More…

4.14.18 – ACL Mid-East Conference Event #2 – Results (Chillicothe, Oh)

Advanced Singles
1 Brandon Corwin (17703)
2 Sean Short (7960)
3 Trey Burchfield (7028)
4 Adam Hissner (2105) Read More…

Browns Poll #3

So far no luck with finding a way to have a cornhole tournament the morning of a Browns game. So now a new POSSIBLE option would be to have a cornhole tournament in the club level of Browns Stadium the Saturday before the game.

Would You Play in a Cornhole Event AT/IN Browns Stadium the Saturday Before the Game Where Entry Fee is Roughly $50-$60/person and Includes a Ticket to the Browns Game?

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Spring Singles League

We are sold out!

*Note that “Round Robin” means you play everyone else in Round Robin 1 game each over the first 3 weeks. Then Round Robin will be split into 2-3 divisions (likely 3) based on record.

  Premier Division 1 Division 2 Round Robin
1 Chad Braun Alan Skotko Bill Hilbish Billy Daley
2 Christine Papcke Drew Thomas Chris Schneider Bobby Sabo
3 Dave Reschke Felix Rodgers Dawn Rodgers Dan Dillinger
4 Eric Anderson George Mendek Emanuel Marrero Dave Kramer
5 Ken Allen James Reschke Heather Hentosz Deb Gray
6 Ken Schaef Mike Burdette JJ Teron Deb Mendek
7 Kevin Allen Rob Miller Mikey Burdette Denise Verhosek
8 Mike Bechtel Rob Smith Nicole Kountz Don Gray
9 Mike Pfaff Ron Weiss Sandie Prinkey Earl Locklear
10 Trey Burchfield Shaun Burchfield Tim Allen Ed Reyes
11 Jason Sloan
12 Jeff Evans
13 Jeff Schneider Jr.
14 Jeff Schneider Sr.
15 Jeremy Hostetler
16 Jerry Gugliotta
17 Jim Crago
18 John Prinkey
19 Keith Burtt
20 Ken Rocco
21 Ryan Jackson
22 Ryan Verhosek
23 Tommy Mathews
24 Valerie Harper

Winter Thursday League Summary


March Madness Results

Congrats to Chad Braun on winning the 2018 Cleveland Cornhole Pick 6! Wayne Colonna took 2nd, Jeff Beattie 3rd and Tyler Thevenin 4th. Thank to everyone who participated!

Final Standings

New Browns Survey

So after discussing further with the Browns it would not be possible based on time (and money) to have a cornhole event right outside of First Energy Stadium before a game.  However, it would likely be possible to hold a cornhole tournament in the new part of the flats before a game and then walk (or drive if you wish) over to the stadium for the game.  This tournament would likely have a competitive and social division and have to start no later than 9am on a Sunday morning unless somehow the Browns get a 4pm game or Sunday night game in September/October.  Neither of which is likely.

Additional Benefits:
1 – Winning team(s) would get upgraded seats
2 – All tickets purchased in the cornhole group would be located together
3 – Shout out to Cleveland Cornhole players on the big screen
4 – Picture on the field after the game for those that want to stick around
5 – Potentially Browns gear and/or memorabilia donated for prizes along with the cash prizes

Knowing that this would be the only option, please respond to this survey ONLY ONCE.

Would You Play in a Cornhole Event IN THE FLATS Before a Browns Game Where Entry Fee is Roughly $50-$60/person and Includes a Ticket to the Browns Game?

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Congratulations to Our 2018 Winter Monday Night Tournament Champions!

D1 – Ken and Eric (Christine and Travis 2nd)
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ACL March 2018 Results

Thank you to the 76!!! players that came out for the ACL monthly regional yesterday! This is a record since we started having ACL Monthly Regionals back in September of 2016. Additionally thanks to all the players in Middlefield, Akron and those that came to the ACL tournament who donated to put towards Dennis Wareham’s sons funeral. In all we collected $380 which will be given to him soon. Thank you for supporting our cornhole family.

Here are the results from the regional. Our next one is April 21st!

Advanced Singles

1 Brandon Corwin (4106)
2 Trey Burchfield (7028)
3 Jack Smith (2648)
4 Chuckie Love (2097) Read More…