2013 – Fall East Side League

Regular Season Standings

Final Division Standings      
 Division I      
1Ron & Mike *2418675%0
2Outlaws **24141058%4
3Team Manno24121250%6
4Deep Throw It24111346%7
 Division II      
14 Bags Deep *3022873%0
2Holernators **30201067%2
3Amy & Cord30161453%6
4Dos Tequila30151550%7
 Division III      
1YS Swagger *30300100%0
2Shockers **3024680%6
4Bad Ass Mother Shuckers30111937%19
5Team Skinny3072323%23
6Dirty Bags300300%30

Tournament Results

Division I Bracket

Ron and Mike

Div I Tournament Champs – Ron & Mike

Carmen and Brad

Div I Tournament Runner-Up – Outlaws (Carmen & Brad)

Division II Bracket

Breanne and Frank

Div II League Champs – 4 Bags Deep (Breanne & Frank)

Traci and Bud

Div II Tournament Champs – Holernators (Traci & Bud)

Division III Bracket

Wayne and Jimmy

Div III League Champs – YS Swagger (Wayne & Jimmy)

Jeff and Chuck

Div III Tournament Champs – Shockers (Jeff & Chuck)

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