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No Cornhole Thursday!

Remember, no cornhole this Thursday 1/18 or next Thursday 1/25.

ACL Event Info

January ACL Monthly Regional is this Saturday!

One Time Location Change!!!  And Minor Time Change(s)!

Copper Stone Event Center
4630 Ridge Rd – Brooklyn, OH

Three Divisions Based on Skill Level!

Please note that we will only have 8 sets of boards at this event until 2-3pm where we can add 2 more sets. Due to this the $3/player cover charge is being reduced to $1/player. There is an event in the lobby/smaller room so please be kind to our neighbors. All remaining monthly regionals during this season will be back at St. Michael’s gym. Come EARLY if you want warm-ups as warm-up spots MAY be limited.

There will be a $3 $1/player cover charge to help pay for hall rental. “Fans” are free.

No pre-registration, just sign-up for the tournaments you want to play in when you get there.

Players may bring their own ACL approved bags. MUST be made by an ACL manufacturer and stamped with the manufacturers logo. If you do not have your own bags, you can use the bags provided.

Start Times
10:00 am – ACL Competitive Doubles (Comp Singles starts as soon as doubles is over)
12:00 pm – ACL Social Doubles (Social Singles starts as soon as doubles is over)
12:30 pm – ACL Advanced Blind Draw (Random Draw for Partners)
3:15 pm – ACL Advanced Doubles (Pro Level – Advanced Singles starts as soon as doubles is over)

All Social Level tournaments are $10/person.  All Competitive Level tournaments are $15/person.  Advanced Blind Draw is $10/person.  Advanced Doubles and Singles are $15/person per event. ADD $5 to each tournament if you are not an ACL member.

*Note for this event that there is a blind draw. If players participate in both the Advanced Blind Draw and another Doubles tournament then they keep their highest points score from either of those events.

Please NO outside food or drink!

Let me know if you need a partner for doubles and I can try and pair you with one.

ACL Shirts

As a thank you to all of the dedicated ACL players out there, I’m buying anyone who participates in at least 6 of my ACL Cleveland Regionals this season (Aug 2017 – May 2018) a free t-shirt! I mentioned this to some of you at the last regional, but did not get to everyone. With that said, if you do NOT participate in 6 you can still buy a shirt if you wish for $15.

Additionally, you can also just buy the regular Cleveland Cornhole shirt if desired. “Regular” t-shirts with Cleveland Cornhole on the front are $12.

I plan to order shirts after the February regional on 2/3.

Finally, you can also add your name or team name on the back of any shirt for $5 more.


This list does not guaranteed that your shirt is free, this is a list of players that have played in at least 2 ACL Cleveland Regionals thus far.

Please email me at ClevelandCornhole@att.net if you want a shirt, or are on this list without the information filled in (or filled in incorrectly). Color options for the ACL shirts are black, dark gray or turquoise.  Color options for a regular Cleveland Cornhole shirt include all major colors.


1.06.2018 – RDA Fundraiser Results

A sincere thank you to all of the cornhole players who came to the event yesterday! We had nearly 100 players in all including 16 4-player teams which was awesome to see. I hope everyone had a great time and on behalf of the Weiser, Perko and Morrell family we thank you for supporting the event! Here are the results.

4-Player Crew Results

1st – “Pitch Slap” – Bill, Kieran, Chuckie, Barry

2nd – “Schaef” – Ken, Eric, James, Trevor Read More…

ACL December 2017 Results

59 players at the December regional, thanks to everyone for coming out and dealing with the snow.  Here are the results.

Advanced Singles

1 Chuckie Love (2097)
2 Adam Hissner (2105)
3 Christine Papcke (1806)
4 David Morse (2274) Read More…