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6.24.2018 – Pizza Fest (Sunday) Results

We had 17 teams and a rain scare, but it all dried up pretty quickly and went well. Thanks to everyone who came out to any of the events this past weekend. Be sure to tune into ESPN2 on July 4th to watch 6 of our local players battle it out at the ACL Pro Invitational!

Competitive Doubles Results

1st – Kieran Hornacek / Christine Papcke
2nd – Bill Sobleskie Jr / Brandon Corwin
3rd – Kerry Mittermiller / Eric Anders
4th – Kevin Allen / Tim Allen Read More…

6.23.2018 – Garrettsville Summerfest Results

We had 19 teams venture out through the rain and into the gym in Garrettsville. Here are the results.

Competitive Doubles

1st – Brandon Corwin / Dennis Wareham
2nd – Christine Papcke / Bill Sobleskie Jr.
3rd – Tim Mast / Tim Allen
4th – Chuckie Love / Kevin Allen Read More…

6.22.2018 – Pizza Fest (Friday) Results

We had 15 teams not scared of the rain (well, we ended up indoors anyway) Friday night, here are the results.

1st – Christine Papcke / Kevin Allen
2nd – Alan Skotko / John Stover
3rd – Mike Pfaff / Chad Braun
4th – Kerry Mittermiller / Dave Abruzzino Read More…

ACL June 2018 Results

Here are the results from Akron

Advanced Singles

1 Ken Schaef (2100)
2 Brandon Corwin (18397)
3 Chad Braun (13945)
4 Trey Burchfield (7028) Read More…