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Congratulations to our Summer League Champions!

Tournament Champs

Div Tournament Champs
1 Kevin and Ken
2 Marcus and Mike
4 Danielle and Tanya

Regular Season Champs

Div 1st 2nd
1 Kevin and Ken Christine and Travis
2 Nicole and Jason Marcus and Mike
3 Breaking Ankles REBELS
4 Slim and Chubby Pablo Sanchez


ACL August 2018 Results

Wait, what? New ACL Cleveland record, 90 Unique Players came out on Saturday! Thank you for supporting Cleveland Cornhole and the ACL! The record prior to Saturday was 76, it’s so awesome to see not only so many players, but across all the divisions with Advanced having 17 doubles and 31 singles. Competitive had 14 doubles and 19 singles and social the same with 14 doubles teams and 19 singles players. The next one is September 15th and will follow the same format.

Chuckie Love took down the tri-fecta winning Advanced Singles, Doubles and Blind Draw. Congrats Chuckie!

August (90 Unique Players)
Advanced Singles

1 Chuckie Love (2097)
2 Jack Smith (2648)
3 Mike Wamsley (14105)
4 Alan Skotko (2102) Read More…

ACL Players – Important

Whether you have played in a lot of ACL tournaments or you’ve never played, if you plan on playing ACL again please take a few minutes to go and either update or create your ACL Profile!  You can do so as follows:
1 – Go to http://www.iplaycornhole.com/

2 – In the upper right corner click on “Login”

3 – IMPORTANT – if you have ever played an ACL tournament before you are already in the system. If you don’t know your login please email me at clevelandcornhole@att.net and I will try and get it for you. If you’re not sure, please email me before creating a new account… If you are definitely a new ACL player you can create your login at this time.

4 – Once logged in, click in the upper left corner and choose “My Account”

5 – Go into your account and update everything including your phone number (so that you can receive text messages during certain tournaments)

6 – Finally, please do NOT purchase a membership through the website. If you are from the Cleveland area, please purchase your membership directly from me (Dave), if you are more of a Rubber City player, please purchase your membership from Bill Sobleskie. Each of us earn a small commission when we sell a membership, so thank you for supporting the ACL and your local directors.

ACL Players Guide for 2018-2019

7.21.2018 – Irish Festival Results

We had 23 teams at the Irish Festival in Berea, OH, here are the results!

1st – Kevin Allen / Tim Allen

2nd – Seto Soto / Mike Bechtel

3rd – Brandon Corwin / Jeff O’Heron
4th – Mike Pfaff / Chad Braun Read More…

6.24.2018 – Pizza Fest (Sunday) Results

We had 17 teams and a rain scare, but it all dried up pretty quickly and went well. Thanks to everyone who came out to any of the events this past weekend. Be sure to tune into ESPN2 on July 4th to watch 6 of our local players battle it out at the ACL Pro Invitational!

Competitive Doubles Results

1st – Kieran Hornacek / Christine Papcke
2nd – Bill Sobleskie Jr / Brandon Corwin
3rd – Kerry Mittermiller / Eric Anders
4th – Kevin Allen / Tim Allen Read More…