New Player?

Cleveland Cornhole runs events for many different cornhole organizations as well as private corporate events and fundraisers.  Seeing all the events coming up on our website can be overwhelming to new players.  So what are all of these events?  Here’s a breakdown.

League – Cleveland Cornhole recommends that new players strongly consider joining the Cleveland Cornhole league.  The league is currently held on Monday’s in Brooklyn, OH and often sells out, so be sure to contact us if you’re interested.  The league breaks players into divisions so that players don’t have to play against the “pros” and they do get play against other players of similar skill level.

ACL (American Cornhole League) Blind Draw League – These events do NOT require a membership (although being a member will save you a few dollars at regional events).  Monthly ACL regional events will feature multiple divisions to help players have more competitive games.  By playing in ACL events you will earn ACL points towards National Rankings and you could be eligible for the $50,000 Championships of Bags event which is usually held in July.

ACO (American Cornhole Organization) Tournaments – These events do require an ACO Membership ($25/year) and are high skill level tournaments where players earn ACO points for National Rankings.

Cleveland Cornhole Events – Cleveland Cornhole runs other events that are not necessarily tied to any of these organizations.  Two of these events are “Bags for Babies” which is held in December and provides guaranteed cash prizes, six divisions of competition (singles and doubles) and raises money for Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.  Another is the 4-player team event which is typically held in Winter/Spring.  As well as many other stand alone events.

Cornhole Nationals

Both of the organizations listed above have “National Championship” events.  Earning points by playing locally can improve your chances at Nationals.  Email if you are interested in more information.

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