2015 – Winter Summary

Winter 2015 League Summary

The 2015 Winter season consisted of  38 teams!


Special thanks to our host, the American Legion Hall in Fairview Park!

To start the season teams were split into “Upper” and “Lower” halves to determine divisions.  Here are those results.

Upper Half
Round Robin Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %
1MC Hammered2018290.00%
2SITH LORDS2017385.00%
3Whats Up Bro2016480.00%
4Dynamic Doubles2016480.00%
5Brett and Bob2015575.00%
6Frank and Travis2014670.00%
7Bros and Hoes2013765.00%
8Matt and Beau2012860.00%
9Get Off Our Boards!20101050.00%
10Mike and Ron2091145.00%
11Michelle and Tyler2091145.00%
12Safety Bob and Craig2091145.00%
13Jeff and Jim2081240.00%
15TJ and Matt2061430.00%
16Sharp Shooters2061430.00%
18Bag Damn It2051525.00%
19Blue Steel2051525.00%
20Jeep and Yudi2051525.00%
21Josh and John2051525.00%
Lower Half
Round Robin Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %
1S and S1615193.75%
2Amateur Corn Stars 31614287.50%
3Sack Whores1614287.50%
4Four Bangers1613381.25%
5Shut UR Cornhole!1612475.00%
6West Side Bags1611568.75%
7Bob and Rick1610662.50%
8Deal or No Deal169756.25%
9Sweaty Bags167943.75%
10Ray and Dave167943.75%
11Poker Buddies1661037.50%
12Maria and Scott1651131.25%
14Chris and Bill1641225.00%
15The Human Beans1621412.50%
16Jason and Charlie1621412.50%
17Corn Flakes160160.00%

Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into five divisions.

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  2 games with the winner getting $10 for each game won.  Team #3 played Team #4, Team #5 vs. Team #6, etc…  The results for those matches were:

Money Games
Ray and Dave1Poker Buddies1
Maria and Scott1#BS1
Chris and Bill2The Human Beans0
Jason and Charlie0Corn Flakes2
Brett and Bob1Frank and Travis1
Whats Up Bro1Dynamic Doubles1
Bros and Hoes2Matt and Beau0
TJ and Matt2Sharp Shooters0
Get Off Our Boards!1Mike and Ron1
Jeff and Jim2Bagnificent0
Michelle and Tyler0Safety Bob and Craig2
Josh and John0S and S2
Ike-n-Aul0Bag Damn It2
Four Bangers2Shut UR Cornhole!0
Blue Steel2Jeep and Yudi0
Deal or No Deal2Sweaty Bags0
West Side Bags0Bob and Rick2
Amateur Corn Stars 32Sack Whores0

Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Whats Up Bro3528780.00%0.0$100
2MC Hammered35231265.71%-5.0$150
3Dynamic Doubles35201557.14%-8.0$25
4Brett and Bob35201557.14%-8.0$50
5Matt and Beau35201557.14%-8.0$10
6Bros and Hoes35191654.29%-9.0$20
7SITH LORDS35122334.29%-16.0$10
8Frank and Travis35122334.29%-16.0$15
Division II
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Mike and Ron32191359.38%0.0$100
2Get Off Our Boards!32181456.25%-1.0$65
3Safety Bob and Craig32171553.13%-2.0$125
4Jeff and Jim32151746.88%-4.0$20
5TJ and Matt32122037.50%-7.0$60
7Michelle and Tyler3282425.00%-11.0$0
Division III
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Blue Steel3328584.85%0.0$120
2Jeep and Yudi3324972.73%-4.0$55
3Josh and John33211263.64%-7.0$55
4Four Bangers33211263.64%-7.0$20
5Sharp Shooters33201360.61%-8.0$0
7S and S33161748.48%-12.0$20
8Amateur Corn Stars 333141942.42%-14.0$30
9Bag Damn It33132039.39%-15.0$20
10Sack Whores33102330.30%-18.0$0
Division IV
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Deal or No Deal32221068.75%0.0$110
2Bob and Rick32201262.50%-2.0$75
3Ray and Dave32141843.75%-8.0$25
4Sweaty Bags32141843.75%-8.0$40
5West Side Bags32122037.50%-10.0$10
6Shut UR Cornhole!3292328.13%-13.0$0
Division V
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
2Maria and Scott3022873.33%-2.0$150
3Poker Buddies30151550.00%-9.0$35
4Chris and Bill30151550.00%-9.0$25
5Corn Flakes3072323.33%-17.0$60
6Jason and Charlie3052516.67%-19.0$0
7The Human Beans302286.67%-22.0$0

Division I Regular Season Winners


1st Place – What’s Up Bro – Collin Miller / Stacia Pugh (not pictured)

MC Hammered

2nd Place – MC Hammered – Mike Pfaff / Chad Braun

Division II Regular Season Winners

Mike and Ron

1st Place – Mike and Ron – Mike Burdette / Ron Weiss


2nd Place – Get Off Our Boards – Tim Haywood / Steve Fouts (not pictured)

Division III Regular Season Winners

Blue Steel

1st Place – Blue Steel – Bryan Stadnik / Bob Bunevich

Yudi and Jeep

2nd Place – Jeep and Yudi – Yudi Joseph / Jeep Joseph

Division IV Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Deal or No Deal – Howie Gibbons / Bernie Vorndran

Bob and Rick

2nd Place – Bob and Rick – Bob Colon / Rick Geschke

Division V Regular Season Winners


1st Place – #BS – Steph / Bryant Geschke

Scott and Maria1

2nd Place – Maria and Scott – Scott Lehman / Maria Quinn

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games (and a 3rd bracket to determine 4th place).  We also forced teams that won their division during the regular season to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Click on the Division to view the bracket

Div I – 9 Team Double Elimination

MC Hammered2

1st Place – MC Hammered – Mike Pfaff / Chad Braun

Div II – 7 Team Double Elimination

Safety Bob and Craig

1st Place – Safety Bob and Craig – Bob Williams / Craig Becker

Div III – 10 Team Double Elimination


1st Place – Ike-n-Aul – Paul Novak / Mike Stallard

Div IV – 6 Team Double Elimination


1st Place – #BS – Steph / Bryant Geschke

Div V – 6 Team Double Elimination

Scott and Maria2

1st Place – Maria and Scott – Scott Lehman / Maria Quinn

Overall 31 of the 38 teams won at least some of their money back!

$ Totals

Team$ Won
Maria and Scott$150
MC Hammered$150
Safety Bob and Craig$125
Blue Steel$120
Deal or No Deal$110
Mike and Ron$100
Whats Up Bro$100
Bob and Rick$75
Get Off Our Boards!$65
Corn Flakes$60
TJ and Matt$60
Jeep and Yudi$55
Josh and John$55
Brett and Bob$50
Sweaty Bags$40
Poker Buddies$35
Amateur Corn Stars 3$30
Chris and Bill$25
Dynamic Doubles$25
Ray and Dave$25
Bag Damn It$20
Bros and Hoes$20
Four Bangers$20
Jeff and Jim$20
S and S$20
Frank and Travis$15
Matt and Beau$10
West Side Bags$10

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