2015 – Summer Summary

Summer 2015 League Summary

The 2015 Winter season consisted of  26 teams!

Special thanks to our host, Flyers Bar and Grille in Parma Heights!

To start the season teams played every team in the league 1 game each to determine divisions.

Here are those results.

Round Robin Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %
1We Get Buckets2522388.00%
2Van Halen2522388.00%
3MC Hammered2420483.33%
4Matt and Beau2520580.00%
5Christine and Travis2519676.00%
6Safety Bob and Craig2519676.00%
7Jeff and John2518772.00%
8Dave and Bob2516964.00%
9Sharp Shooters2516964.00%
10Barf Bags2516964.00%
11Jim and Michelle25151060.00%
12JJ and Robb25141156.00%
13Mike and Ron25131252.00%
14Real Deal25131252.00%
15Bob and Earl24121250.00%
16S and S25121348.00%
174 Bangers25111444.00%
18The New Guys25101540.00%
19Maria and Scott2571828.00%
20The Other Guys2571828.00%
22All Baggin No Braggin2561924.00%
23Corn Stars2542116.00%
24Corn Dawgs2532212.00%
25Nobody Wants Us252238.00%
26Alona and Andrew250250.00%

Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into three divisions.

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  2 games with the winner getting $10 for each game won.  Team #3 played Team #4, Team #5 vs. Team #6, etc…  The results for those matches were:

Money Games
Christine and Travis1Safety Bob and Craig1
We Get Buckets0Van Halen2
MC Hammered1Matt and Beau1
Jeff and John2Dave and Bob0
Sharp Shooters1Barf Bags1
Mike and Ron1Real Deal1
Corn Stars2Corn Dawgs0
Bob and Earl2S and S0
Jim and Michelle2JJ and Robb0
4 Bangers2The New Guys0
#BS1All Baggin No Braggin1
Nobody Wants Us2Alona and Andrew0
Maria and Scott0The Other Guys2

Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Van Halen3021970.00%0.0$220
2We Get Buckets30201066.67%-1.0$70
3Christine and Travis30161453.33%-5.0$40
4Matt and Beau30161453.33%-5.0$10
5MC Hammered30141646.67%-7.0$10
6Jeff and John30102033.33%-11.0$20
7Safety Bob and Craig3082226.67%-13.0$10
Division II
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Mike and Ron2721677.78%0.0$160
2Dave and Bob2720774.07%-1.0$50
3Jim and Michelle2718966.67%-3.0$140
4JJ and Robb27171062.96%-4.0$0
5Sharp Shooters27161159.26%-5.0$60
6Barf Bags27111640.74%-10.0$20
7Bob and Earl27101737.04%-11.0$50
84 Bangers2791833.33%-12.0$20
9S and S2781929.63%-13.0$0
10Real Deal2752218.52%-16.0$10
Division III
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
2The Other Guys2419579.17%-1.0$170
3All Baggin No Braggin2418675.00%-2.0$50
4Maria and Scott2417770.83%-3.0$10
5Corn Stars24131154.17%-7.0$70
6Nobody Wants Us24111345.83%-9.0$20
7The New Guys2451920.83%-15.0$0
8Corn Dawgs2432112.50%-17.0$0
9Alona and Andrew242228.33%-18.0$0

Division I Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Van Halen – Dave Weiser / Sean Roth


2nd Place – We Get Buckets – Collin Miller / Stacia Pugh

Division II Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Mike and Ron – Mike Burdette / Ron Weiss


2nd Place – Dave and Bob – Bob Bunevich / Dave Morse (not pictured)

Division III Regular Season Winners


1st Place – #BS – Steph / Bryant Geschke

2nd Place – The Other Guys – Jon Hanft / Jack Koll (sorry, no picture)

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games (and a 3rd bracket to determine 4th place).  We also forced teams that won their division during the regular season to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Click on the Division to view the bracket

Div I – 8 Team Double Elimination


1st Place – Van Halen – Dave Weiser / Sean Roth


2nd Place – Mike and Ron – Mike Burdette / Ron Weiss

Div II – 10 Team Double Elimination

FullSizeRender (2)

1st Place – Jim and Michelle – Jim Cahill (middle left) / Michelle Cahill (middle right)

2nd Place Sharp Shooters – Rob Szczech (left) / Tim Hughart (right)


3rd Place – Bob and Earl – Earl Locklear / Bob Colon

Div III – 8 Team Double Elimination

1st Place – The Other Guys – Jon Hanft / Jack Koll (sorry, no picture)

2nd Place – Corn Stars – Dawn Rodgers / Rob Smith (sorry, no picture)

Overall 21 of the 26 teams won at least some of their money back!

$ Totals

Van Halen$220
The Other Guys$170
Mike and Ron$160
Jim and Michelle$140
We Get Buckets$70
Corn Stars$70
Sharp Shooters$60
Dave and Bob$50
Bob and Earl$50
All Baggin No Braggin$50
Christine and Travis$40
Jeff and John$20
Barf Bags$20
4 Bangers$20
Nobody Wants Us$20
Matt and Beau$10
MC Hammered$10
Safety Bob and Craig$10
Real Deal$10
Maria and Scott$10


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