2012 – Summer Summary

Summer 2012 League Summary:

The Summer 2012 season consisted of 17 competitive teams and 8 social teams.

To start the session, every team in the competitive league played every other team two games.  Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into three divisions

Here are the results of the “Round Robin” portion of the session where teams 1-6 moved into Division I, 6-12 moved into Division II and 13-17 moved into Division III.  The Social division only played other social teams and those results are below as well.

Competitive Division – FINAL Round Robin Results
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB2 Game VictoriesPitch-Off WinsPitch-Off LossesTotal Points
1TJ & Dave3229390.63%0132144
2Kobra Cai3227584.38%-2122141
3SITH LORDS3226681.25%-3110437
4Jim & Brandon3223971.88%-6102135
5Ricky Bobby3223971.88%-6102135
6Matt & Beau3223971.88%-692134
7The Leg Sweepers32201262.50%-982230
8The Bitches32181456.25%-1180226
10Christine & Darnell32171553.13%-1270324
11Where’s Shorty32122037.50%-1752019
12Crusty Love Lips32112134.38%-1850116
13White Rice and Beans32102231.25%-1932215
15Fear and Loathing323299.38%-260124
16Notorious BAG322306.25%-270204
17Bagnum PI’s322306.25%-270113


Social Division Results
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB2 Game VictoriesPitch-Off WinsPitch-Off LossesTotal Points$ Won
1Sharp Shooters5654296.43%0261181$60
2Tyler & Gabe56401671.43%-14173360$40
3The Tampons56381867.86%-16173158$70
4Mark & Brandon56322457.14%-22142248$30
5What Did I Get Myself Into?56292751.79%-25123244$60

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  in a single game for $10.  Team #3 played Team #4 for $10, etc…  The results for those matches were:

Ricky Bobby1Matt & Beau0
TJ & Dave1Kobra Cai0
SITH LORDSFFJim & Brandon1
The Leg Sweepers0The Bitches1
Tebowing1Christine & Darnell0
Where’s Shorty1Crusty Love Lips0
White Rice and Beans1PB0
Fear and Loathing0Notorious BAG1

Then we moved into Division play where every team played every other team in their division three times in 2 game matches.  Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB2 Game VictoriesPitch-Off WinsPitch-Off LossesTotal Points$ Won
1TJ & Dave3023776.67%0101234$60
2Matt & Beau30201066.67%-370627$30
3Kobra Cai30161453.33%-745325$60
4SITH LORDS30131743.33%-1035221$30
5Jim & Brandon30102033.33%-1331314$10
6Ricky Bobby3082226.67%-1515114$10
Division II Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB2 Game VictoriesPitch-Off WinsPitch-Off LossesTotal Points$ Won
1The Leg Sweepers3027390.00%0123042$60
3Christine & Darnell30131743.33%-1443220$40
4Crusty Love Lips30131743.33%-1433419
5The Bitches30111936.67%-1632316$10
6Where’s Shorty3092130.00%-1823214$10
Division III Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB2 Game VictoriesPitch-Off WinsPitch-Off LossesTotal Points$ Won
1White Rice and Beans3226681.25%0114041$70
2Notorious BAG32221068.75%-490431$85
4Fear and Loathing32112134.38%-1551017
5Bagnum PI’s3252715.63%-210146

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games.  We also forced teams that won their division to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Here are those brackets.

Div I – 7 Team Double Elimination

Div II – 6 Team Double Elimination

Div III – 5 Team Double Elimination

Social – 7 Team Double Elimination

Overall 20 of the 25 teams won at least some of their money back!  Here are those totals:

Team$ Won
Notorious BAG$85
White Rice and Beans$70
The Tampons$70
TJ & Dave$60
Kobra Cai$60
The Leg Sweepers$60
Sharp Shooters$60
What Did I Get Myself Into?$60
Christine & Darnell$40
Tyler & Gabe$40
Matt & Beau$30
Mark & Brandon$30
Jim & Brandon$10
Ricky Bobby$10
The Bitches$10
Where’s Shorty$10
Crusty Love Lips$0
Fear and Loathing$0
Bagnum PI’s$0

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