2012 – Spring Summary

Spring 2012 League Summary:

Div I Champs – “CoRnHoLe Is FuN” – Wayne and Dave

Div I Runner-Up – “Ricky Bobby” – Ricky (not shown) and Bob

Div I Third Place – Matt & Beau

Div II Champs – “Applesauce Boys” – Kurt and Travis

Div II Runner-Up – Christine and Darnell

Div II Third Place – Robb and Chuck

Div III Champs – “Those Guys” – BT and Rudy

Div III Runner-Up – Jeff and Aaron
(no picture)

Div I Tournament Champs – Matt and Beau

Div I Tournament Runner-Up – “Kobra Cai” – Mike and Brett

Div I Tournament Third Place – Jim and Ken

Div II Tournament Champs – Robb and Chuck

Div II Tournament Runner-Up – “Blow It Up” – Michelle and Aaron

Div II Third Place – JJ and Kevin

Div III Tournament Champs – “Those Guys” – BT and Rudy

Div III Tournament Runner-Up – Yudi and Jeep

Spring 2012 Recap:

The Spring 2012 season consisted of 20 teams.

To start the session, every team played every other team two games.  Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into three divisions

Here are the results of the “Round Robin” portion of the session where teams 1-7 moved into Division I, 8-14 moved into Division II and 15-20 moved into Division III.

PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB2 Game VictoriesPitch-Off WinsPitch-Off LossesTotal Points
1CoRnHoLe Is FuN3835392.11%0163054
2Matt & Beau3832684.21%-3151148
3Ken & Jim3830878.95%-5133146
4Ricky Bobby3829976.32%-6122343
6The Leg Sweepers38271171.05%-8112340
7Kobra Cai38261268.42%-9113140
8Christine & Darnell38241463.16%-1192435
9Here for the Beer38231560.53%-12102135
10Robb & Chuck38182047.37%-1752625
11Blow It Up38172144.74%-1862325
12Applesauce Boys38172144.74%-1852524
13Double Penetration38152339.47%-2052322
14JJ & Dave38132534.21%-2234320
15Jeff & Aaron38122631.58%-2335120
16George & Yudi38122631.58%-2332417
17Those Guys38112728.95%-2433217
18Rick & Bob3863215.79%-2922010
20Ninja Warriors380380.00%-350000

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  in a best 2/3 match for $20.  Team #3 played Team #4 for $20, etc…  The results for those matches were:

Won Won
$20Here for the Beer1Robb & Chuck2
$20Ken & Jim2Ricky BobbyFF
$20CoRnHoLe Is FuN0Matt & Beau2
$20A-Maizing2The Leg Sweepers0
$20Kobra Cai1Christine & Darnell2
$20Blow It Up2Applesauce Boys1
$20Double Penetration2JJ & Dave1
$20Jeff & Aaron2George & Yudi0
$20Those Guys2Rick & Bob0
$20PB2Ninja Warriors1

Then we moved into Division play where every team played every other team in their division twice in best 2/3 matches.  Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I Standings 
PlaceTeamMatchesWonLostWin %GB2 Game Sweeps3 Game LossesTotal Points
1CoRnHoLe Is FuN129375.00%07227$80
2Ricky Bobby129375.00%07227$40
3Matt & Beau127558.33%-26323$10
5Ken & Jim125741.67%-43215
6Kobra Cai124833.33%-52313
7The Leg Sweepers121118.33%-8035
Division II Standings 
PlaceTeamMatchesWonLostWin %GB2 Game Sweeps3 Game LossesTotal Points
1Applesauce Boys129375.00%04123$80
2Christine & Darnell127558.33%-23118$40
3Robb & Chuck126650.00%-33419$10
4JJ & Dave126650.00%-33318
5Blow It Up125741.67%-44418
6Double Penetration125741.67%-42315
7Here for the Beer124833.33%-54315
Division III Standings 
PlaceTeamMatchesWonLostWin %GB2 Game Sweeps3 Game LossesTotal Points
1Those Guys10100100.00%06026$80
2Jeff & Aaron106460.00%-45320$40
3George & Yudi105550.00%-53215
5Ninja Warriors103730.00%-7107
6Rick & Bob102820.00%-8217

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games.  Here are those brackets.

Div I – 7 Team Double Elimination

Div II – 7 Team Double Elimination

Div III – 6 Team Double Elimination

Overall 16 of the 20 teams won at least some of their money back.  Here are those totals:

Those Guys$160
Matt & Beau$90
Robb & Chuck$90
CoRnHoLe Is FuN$80
Applesauce Boys$80
Christine & Darnell$60
Jeff & Aaron$60
Blow It Up$50
Ricky Bobby$40
Ken & Jim$30
Kobra Cai$30
George & Yudi$30
Double Penetration$20
JJ & Dave$10

And finally, the power rankings (which track every game played and the caliber of each win/loss you had) finished as follows:

RankTeamsFinal Score
Div I1Matt and Beau1799.25
2CoRnHoLe Is FuN1775.47
3Ricky Bobby1751.44
4Ken and Jim1705.76
6Kobra Cai1669.26
7The Leg Sweepers1586.38
RankTeamsFinal Score
Div II1Robb and Chuck1634.21
2Christine and Darnell1623.14
3Applesauce Boys1612.52
4Blow It Up1582.50
5Here for the Beer1581.73
6JJ and Dave1565.73
7Double Penetration1544.45
RankTeamsFinal Score
Div III1Those Guys1610.47
2Jeff and Aaron1547.50
3George and Yudi1504.23
5Rick and Bob1406.28
6Ninja Warriors1359.18


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