2013 – Spring Blind Draw Summary

We had 41 players play in our 2013 Spring Blind Draw League

Here are the season ending standings and TOTAL $ won by player.  27 out of 41 players won some money back!

 Upper DivisionWeekly 
PlaceNameWonLostWin %Diff/GmPt Diff1st Place2nd Place3rd Place$ Won
1Pugh, Stacia23776.67%6.47194310$122.50
2Mott, Travis191163.33%3.90117010$42.50
3Thevenin, Brandon191163.33%3.2397013$57.50
4Haywood, Tim191163.33%2.1364001$20.00
5McCafferty, Ryan15962.50%1.2530010$17.50
6Papcke, Christine181260.00%3.73112102$30.00
7Lyons, Brett171356.67%0.9027110$22.50
8Horky, Beau131154.17%4.0096011$52.50
9Toohey, John131154.17%0.215200$30.00
10Wolf, Dan161453.33%3.47104011$17.50
11Colonna, Wayne161453.33%1.6750011$12.50
12Pfaff, Mike161453.33%0.7021100$15.00
13Stadnik, Bryan161453.33%(0.07)(2)010$7.50
14Adams, Bob151550.00%1.0331100$20.00
15Teron, JJ151550.00%0.278001$5.00
16Mott, Kurt121250.00%(3.08)(74)100$15.00
17Cahill, Michelle9950.00%(3.44)(62)000$10.00
18Johnson, Darnell131743.33%(0.53)(16)010$7.50
19Cahill, Jim131743.33%(2.40)(72)000$0.00
20Kramer, Dave111936.67%(3.43)(103)000$0.00
21Miller, Josh102033.33%(2.53)(76)000$0.00
22Dillinger, Dan81633.33%(7.21)(173)000$0.00
23Weiss, Ron82226.67%(3.97)(119)000$40.00
24Miller, Collin82226.67%(6.13)(184)000$20.00
25Finley, Susan61825.00%(8.50)(204)000$0.00
Petrie, TJ4266.67%2.1713000$0.00
Miller, Dave6650.00%2.0825000$0.00
Lower DivisionWeekly
PlaceNameWonLostWin %Diff/GmPt Diff1st Place$ Won
1Thevenin, Tyler26486.67%12.833854$80
2Bunevich, Bob23776.67%7.832353$35
3Nagy, Chuck17770.83%6.421542$20
4Burdette, Mike201066.67%5.571671$15
5Skotko, Alan191163.33%3.20960$0
6Burdette, Mikey151550.00%(1.07)(32)0$20
7Gibbons, Howie91537.50%(4.54)(109)0$20
8Nagy, Charlie72323.33%(7.00)(210)0$0
9Hanchosky, Erik72323.33%(9.07)(272)0$5
10Opett, Ed42613.33%(12.13)(364)0$0
Townsend, George4266.67%3.00180$0
Salcedo, Miguel2433.33%(4.67)(28)0$0
Burdette, Justin3925.00%(6.92)(83)0$0
Geregach, Mike21016.67%(8.58)(103)0$0

Final Tournament Results

Upper Division

Ron and Beau

1st – Ron Weiss / Beau Horky

Stacia and Collin

2nd – Stacia Pugh / Collin Miller

Brandon and Michelle

3rd – Brandon Thevenin / Michelle Cahill

4th – Dan Wolf / Bob Adams

t-5th – Brett Lyons / Kurt Mott

t-5th – Travis Mott / Darnell Johnson

t-7th – Tim Haywood / Josh Miller

t-7th – Bryan Stadnik / Dave Kramer

t-9th – Ryan McCafferty – Susan Finley

t-9th – Christine Papcke / Dan Dillinger

t-9th – John Toohey / JJ Teron

t-9th – Mike Pfaff / Jim Cahill

Lower Division

Tyler and Howie

1st – Tyler Thevenin / Howie Gibbons


2nd – Mikey Burdette

Mike and Eric

3rd – Mike Burdette / Erik Hanchosky

4th – Bob Bunevich / Charlie Nagy

5th – Alan Skotko / Ed Opett

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