2016 – Spring Summary

Spring 2016 League Summary

The 2016 Spring Season Consisted of  a 22 Four-Player Teams!


Special thanks to our host, the Agostino’s Catering & Event Center!

Here are the regular season results

 Division IMatchesGames
PosTeamTotalWonLostWin %WonLostWin %
1Backdoor Corn Throwers2720774.1%542766.7%
2Safety Bob’s Bombers2719870.4%542766.7%
3Lady and the Tramps27171063.0%414050.6%
4Midnight Express27161159.3%414050.6%
5Get Off Our Boards 5.027151255.6%483359.3%
6Team Miller27111640.7%404149.4%
7Blue Steel 4.027111640.7%404149.4%
8Team Strzala27111640.7%295235.8%
9Four Horseman2791833.3%315038.3%
10Team Weiss2762122.2%275433.3%
 Division IIMatchesGames
PosTeamTotalWonLostWin %WonLostWin %
1Team Kountz2621580.8%582074.4%
24 Baggers2618869.2%522666.7%
3Cornzilla x22618869.2%463259.0%
4Team Joseph26101638.5%374147.4%
 Division IIIMatchesGames
PosTeamTotalWonLostWin %WonLostWin %
1Vape Life + Ed and Tom2518772.0%462961.3%
2Team Smurlo2516964.0%453060.0%
3CB Double A25141156.0%462961.3%
4Fun Baggers25121348.0%363948.0%
5Son of a Bag2591636.0%324342.7%
6What the Shuck2561924.0%255033.3%
7Corn Bred Mother Shuckers2561924.0%225329.3%
8Maized & Cornfused2542116.0%116414.7%

Division I Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Backdoor Corn Throwers (Robb, Mike, Dave, Matt)


2nd Place – Safety Bob’s Bombers (Waye, Rob, Bob, Earl)

Division II Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Team Kountz (Nick, Nicole, Jermaine, Eric)


2nd Place – 4 Baggers (Dawn, Dave, Rob, Felix)

Division III Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Vape Life Ed & Tom (Ed, Tom, Shane, Aaron)


2nd Place – Team Smurlo (Carl, Ken, John, John)

Season Ending Playoffs

Click on the Division to view the bracket

Division I Tournament Winners

Div I – 10 Team Double Elimination


1st Place – Backdoor Corn Throwers (Robb, Mike, Dave, Matt)

Division II Tournament Winners

Div II – 4 Team Double Elimination


1st Place – Cornzilla x2 (Jimmy, Eli, Kerry, Scott)

Division III Tournament Winners

Div III – 8 Team Double Elimination


1st Place – Vape Life Ed & Tom (Aaron, Shane, Ed, Tom)


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