2014 – Fall Summary

Fall 2014 League Summary

The 2014 Fall season consisted of a record 44 teams!


Special thanks to our host, the American Legion Hall in Fairview Park!

To start the season teams were split into “Upper” and “Lower” halves to determine divisions.  Here are those results.

Upper Half
Round Robin Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %
1The Cleveland Corn Hoes2120195.24%
2SITH LORDS2119290.48%
3Dynamic Doubles2118385.71%
4Michelle and Tyler2116576.19%
5Frank and Travis2114766.67%
6MC Hammered2114766.67%
7Matt and Beau2114766.67%
8Blood Sweat and Beers2112957.14%
9Get Off Our Boards!2112957.14%
10Ron and Jeff21111052.38%
11Mike and Mikey21111052.38%
12Woodhill Cornhole Bums21101147.62%
13Double J’s21101147.62%
143 Bags Short21101147.62%
15Brett and Bob2181338.10%
17Jeep and Yudi2161528.57%
18Blue Steel2151623.81%
22The Odd Couple210210.00%
Lower Half
Round Robin Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %
1Neighborhood Complaint2119290.48%
2Sack Whores2118385.71%
3Bob and Rick2118385.71%
4Leonard and Charlie2116576.19%
5Scott and John2116576.19%
6Johnny Fireball2115671.43%
7Deal or No Deal2115671.43%
8Owen and Fred2115671.43%
9Amateur Corn Stars 32114766.67%
10S and S21111052.38%
11Special Delivery21101147.62%
12Shut UR Cornhole!2191242.86%
13Chris and Bill2191242.86%
14Poker Buddies2181338.10%
15Two Rivermen2181338.10%
16Corn Dawgs2171433.33%
18No Splash Zone2161528.57%
19Corn To Be Wild2141719.05%
20Sharon and Jason212199.52%
21Deaf Zone212199.52%
22Steve and Scott212199.52%

Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into five divisions.

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  2 games with the winner getting $10 for each game won.  Team #3 played Team #4, Team #5 vs. Team #6, etc…  The results for those matches were:

Money Games
Mike and Mikey2Woodhill Cornhole Bums0
Double J’s13 Bags Short1
Brett and Bob1Misfits1
Jeep and Yudi0Blue Steel2
Two Rivermen0Corn Dawgs2
#BS2No Splash Zone0
Corn To Be Wild2Sharon and Jason0
Deaf Zone2Steve and Scott0
Ike-n-Aul2The Odd Couple0
Neighborhood Complaint2Sack Whores0
Bob and Rick0Leonard and Charlie2
Scott and John2Johnny Fireball0
The Cleveland Corn Hoes2SITH LORDS0
Dynamic Doubles2Michelle and Tyler0
Frank and Travis0MC Hammered2
Matt and Beau0Blood Sweat and Beers2
Get Off Our Boards!2Ron and Jeff0
Amateur Corn Stars 31S and S1
Special Delivery0Shut UR Cornhole!2
Chris and Bill1Poker Buddies1
Deal or No Deal2Owen and Fred0

Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1The Cleveland Corn Hoes2423195.83%0.0$120
2Matt and Beau2415962.50%-8.0$50
3Dynamic Doubles2415962.50%-8.0$40
4MC Hammered2415962.50%-8.0$20
5SITH LORDS24131154.17%-10.0$0
6Frank and Travis24101441.67%-13.0$0
7Blood Sweat and Beers2471729.17%-16.0$20
8Get Off Our Boards!2461825.00%-17.0$20
9Michelle and Tyler2442016.67%-19.0$0
Division II
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Brett and Bob2821775.00%0.0$110
2Double J’s28161257.14%-5.0$60
3Ron and Jeff28161257.14%-5.0$20
4Jeep and Yudi28141450.00%-7.0$0
63 Bags Short28121642.86%-9.0$10
7Woodhill Cornhole Bums28111739.29%-10.0$0
8Mike and Mikey2891932.14%-12.0$20
Division III
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
2Blue Steel2720774.07%-1.0$70
4Neighborhood Complaint2718966.67%-3.0$20
5The Odd Couple27121544.44%-9.0$0
6Bob and Rick27111640.74%-10.0$0
8Scott and John2791833.33%-12.0$20
9Leonard and Charlie2781929.63%-13.0$20
10Sack Whores2762122.22%-15.0$0
Division IV
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Amateur Corn Stars 32823582.14%0.0$110
2tDeal or No Deal2819967.86%-4.0$20
2tS and S2819967.86%-4.0$10
4Johnny Fireball28181064.29%-5.0$0
5Shut UR Cornhole!28131546.43%-10.0$20
6Special Delivery2891932.14%-14.0$0
7Chris and Bill2862221.43%-17.0$10
8Owen and Fred2852317.86%-18.0$0
Division V
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
2Deaf Zone2417770.83%-6.0$70
3Poker Buddies2415962.50%-8.0$30
4Corn Dawgs24141058.33%-9.0$20
5Two Rivermen24121250.00%-11.0$0
6No Splash Zone2491537.50%-14.0$0
7Corn To Be Wild2481633.33%-15.0$20
8Steve and Scott2451920.83%-18.0$0
9Sharon and Jason2451920.83%-18.0$0

Division I Regular Season Winners


1st Place – The Cleveland Corn Hoes – Christine Papcke / Stacia Pugh


2nd Place – Matt and Beau – Matt Strzala / Beau Horky

Division II Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Brett and Bob – Brett Lyons / Bob Adams

2nd Place – Double J’s – Collin Miller / Josh Miller (not pictured)

Division III Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Bagnificent – Alan Skotko / Dave Abruzzino


2nd Place – Blue Steel – Bob Bunevich / Bryan Stadnik

Division IV Regular Season Winners


1st Place – Amateur Corn Stars 3 – Billy Dryden / Dennis Edwards


2nd Place – S and S – Seto Soto / John Smurlo

Division V Regular Season Winners


1st Place – #BS – Steph / Bryant Geschke


2nd Place – Deaf Zone – Johnny Parsons / Rory

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games (and a 3rd bracket to determine 3rd place).  We also forced teams that won their division during the regular season to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Click on the Division to view the bracket

Division I

Hoes1 Hoes2

1st Place – The Cleveland Corn Hoes – Christine Papcke / photo bomber Jacque / Stacia Pugh

Division II


1st Place – Bagnificent – Dave Abruzzino / Alan Skotko

Division III

Blue Steel

1st Place – Blue Steel – Bob Bunevich / Bryan Stadnik

Division IV

S and S

1st Place – S and S – John Smurlo / Seto Soto

Division V

Deaf Zone

1st Place – Deaf Zone – Johnny Parsons / Rory

Overall 33 of the 44 teams won at least some of their money back!

$ Totals

Team$ Won
The Cleveland Corn Hoes$240
Blue Steel$170
Deaf Zone$170
S and S$160
Amateur Corn Stars 3$110
Brett and Bob$110
Deal or No Deal$90
Corn Dawgs$70
Ron and Jeff$70
Double J’s$60
Frank and Travis$60
Matt and Beau$50
The Odd Couple$50
Dynamic Doubles$40
MC Hammered$40
3 Bags Short$30
Poker Buddies$30
Blood Sweat and Beers$20
Corn To Be Wild$20
Get Off Our Boards!$20
Leonard and Charlie$20
Mike and Mikey$20
Neighborhood Complaint$20
Scott and John$20
Shut UR Cornhole!$20
Special Delivery$20
Two Rivermen$20
Chris and Bill$10


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