2017 – Spring Blind Draw League Summary

Spring 2017 Monday Blind Draw League Summary

The Spring 2017 Monday session consisted of 59 players!



Special thanks to our host, the Copper Stone Catering & Event Center!

For each of 8 weeks every player that showed up played 6 games. Each game with a random partner against a random opponent. After everyone had played 6 games the top 12 players (in the upper division and top 8 players in the lower divisions – based on wins and then point differential) advanced to the daily playoffs.

The top 3 teams in each division then won a cash prize for that evening.

Week #1 Results

Week #2 Results

Week #3 Results

Week #4 Results

Week #5 Results

Week #6 Results

Week #7 Results

Week #8 Results

Here are the “regular” season records for the Upper Division.


 Upper DivisionWeekly 
PlaceNameWeeksWonLostWin %Diff/GmPt Diff1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTop 12
1Mike Pfaff8361275.00%5.422601117
2Christine Papcke8351372.92%6.983352215
3Seto Soto7291369.05%3.981671115
4Travis Mott8321666.67%4.962384016
5Kevin Allen8321666.67%4.522171205
6Tim Allen8301862.50%1.52730014
7Eli Stevens8281860.87%4.001840215
8Chad Braun8291960.42%4.001921004
9Collin Miller8281959.57%1.98931125
10Jeep Joseph7231954.76%2.431020204
11Josh Miller8252352.08%(0.44)(21)0013
12Jim Cahill8252352.08%(1.15)(55)0203
13Wayne Colonna7212150.00%0.57240014
14Eric Anderson8242450.00%0.31150003
15Beau Horky8242450.00%(1.31)(63)0102
16Marcus Patrick8222348.89%(0.67)(30)1002
17Rob Smith8232547.92%0.58281003
18Bob Bunevich8232547.92%(0.52)(25)0112
19Alan Skotko8232547.92%(1.08)(52)0003
20Mike Bechtel7202247.62%(0.36)(15)0001
21Tim Hughart7192345.24%(0.69)(29)0001
22Darnell Johnson6162044.44%(1.39)(50)1002
23Ron Weiss8212743.75%(1.13)(54)0001
24John Stover8212743.75%(1.52)(73)0103
25Mike Burdette7182442.86%(2.00)(84)0011
26Aaron Kleinpeter8202841.67%(2.00)(96)2004
27Dave Abruzzino8202841.67%(2.71)(130)0012
28Michelle Cahill8202841.67%(2.88)(138)0012
29Dave Buchman8123028.57%(4.33)(182)0001
30Felix Rodgers7113126.19%(5.00)(210)0000
31Dawn Rodgers7113126.19%(6.74)(283)0001
Rob Miller5121840.00%(3.67)(110)0011
Jason Shumney5102033.33%(3.80)(114)0011
Bob Williams361233.33%(4.11)(74)0000

Here are the “regular” season records for the Lower Division.


 Lower DivisionWeekly 
PlaceNameWeeksWonLostWin %Diff/GmPt Diff1st Place2nd Place3rd PlaceTop 8
1Howie Gibbons7301271.43%6.932913115
2Aaron Edwards7291369.05%4.741990304
3Heather Hentosz7281466.67%3.641530214
4Jason Komar8321666.67%2.811353015
5Nicole Kountz8311764.58%5.152473216
6Billy Dryden7261661.90%3.811602024
7Dennis Edwards7251759.52%2.761160014
8John Smurlo8282058.33%4.101970013
9Earl Locklear8262254.17%0.90430202
10Nick Bruno8262254.17%0.63301014
11Tom Adamski7221953.66%0.78321013
12Jeff Evans7222052.38%1.38580112
13Ken Rocco8242450.00%(0.21)(10)1001
14Chris Bules8222645.83%(0.81)(39)0101
15Bill Bules8222645.83%(0.94)(45)0102
16Mike Rodgers8222645.83%(3.35)(161)0112
17Marty Fornwalt8212743.75%(1.38)(66)0000
18Danielle Kountz8183037.50%(3.79)(182)0011
19Ed Opett7132930.95%(5.55)(233)0001
20Rachel Kramer6102627.78%(5.36)(193)0001
21Jennifer Secura663016.67%(9.53)(343)0000
22Marsha Fisher864212.50%(9.31)(447)0000
Mike Allegier5151550.00%0.2370012
Jerry Gugliotta5102033.33%(4.80)(144)0001
Amanda Reschke22918.18%(5.73)(63)0000

Then the final week was the playoffs. Again, every round in the bracket a player could get a different partner and play an opponent that was also in the same portion of the bracket.

Upper Division Playoff Results


1st – Aaron Kleinpeter / Chad Braun

2nd – Christine Papcke / Mike Bechtel

3rd – Travis Mott / Mike Burdette

4th – Mike Pfaff / Marcus Patrick

5th – Beau Horky / Eli Stevens

6th – Dave Abruzzino / Kevin Allen

7th – Seto Soto, Bob Bunevich, Collin Miller, John Stover

9th – Alan Skotko, Tim Allen, Jim Cahill, Josh Miller

11th – Wayne Colonna, Tim Hughart, Jeep Joseph, Eric Anderson

13th – Dawn Rodgers, Rob Smith, Michelle Cahill, Felix Rodgers

Lower Division Playoff Results


1st – Heather Hentosz / Dennis Edwards

2nd – Earl Locklear / John Smurlo

3rd – Howie Gibbons / Jason Komar

4th – Bill Bules / Nicole Kountz

5th – Billy Dryden / Aaron Edwards

6th – Jeff Evans / Tom Adamski

7th – Chris Bules, Marty Fornwalt, Rachel Kramer, Danielle Kountz

9th – Mike Rodgers, Marsha Fisher, Nick Bruno, Ken Rocco

11th – Ed Opett