2013 – Winter Summary

Winter 2013 League Summary:


The Winter 2013 season consisted of a Cleveland Cornhole Record 42 Teams!

Special thanks to our host, the American Legion Hall in Fairview Park!

To start the session we split the league in half and every team played every other team in their “half” one game.  Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into five divisions.

Here are the results of the “Round Robin” portion of the session.

Round Robin Results – “Top Half”     
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB
1Ken & Jim2017385.00%0.0
3Matt & Beau2015575.00%-2.0
4Shucking Amazing2014670.00%-3.0
5Kobra Cai2014670.00%-3.0
6Ricky Bobby2013765.00%-4.0
7Honey Badgers2013765.00%-4.0
8Get Off Our Boards2013765.00%-4.0
9The Leg Sweepers2012860.00%-5.0
10JJ & Robb2011955.00%-6.0
11Applesauce Boys2011955.00%-6.0
12Dynamic Doubles20101050.00%-7.0
13Those Guys2091145.00%-8.0
14Vicious and Delicious2071335.00%-10.0
15Michelle & PJ2071335.00%-10.0
16Jeep & Yudi2061430.00%-11.0
17Sharp Shooters2051525.00%-12.0
18Douche Bags2051525.00%-12.0
19Blue Steel2051525.00%-12.0
20Peter North & Lex Steele2041620.00%-13.0
21Apple Pie2041620.00%-13.0
Round Robin Results – “Bottom Half”    
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB
2Better With Beer2016480.00%-1.0
3John & Sean2015575.00%-2.0
4Josh & Collin2014670.00%-3.0
5Tyler & Gabe2013765.00%-4.0
6Bob & Rick2013765.00%-4.0
7Tag Em N Bag Em2013765.00%-4.0
8Corn Stars2013765.00%-4.0
9Mike & Mikey2013765.00%-4.0
10Alan & Phil2012860.00%-5.0
113 Amigos2011955.00%-6.0
12Shut Your Mouth Campbell2011955.00%-6.0
13Howie & Joe2091145.00%-8.0
14Mike & Dustin2091145.00%-8.0
16The Hole Stuffers2071335.00%-10.0
17Amateur Corn Stars2061430.00%-11.0
18Shut UR Cornhole!2061430.00%-11.0
19Two Rivermen2021810.00%-15.0
20Jacqui & Andrea2021810.00%-15.0

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  in a best 2/3 series with the winner getting $20.  Team #3 played Team #4, Team #5 vs. Team #6, etc…  The results for those matches were:

Honey Badgers 2 Get Off Our Boards! 1
Ken & Jim 0 DEMOLITION 2
Matt & Beau 2 Shucking Amazing 1
Kobra Cai 2 Ricky Bobby 0
Applesauce Boys 0 Dynamic Doubles 2
Michelle & PJ 2 Jeep & Yudi 0
The Leg Sweepers 0 JJ & Robb 2
Sharp Shooters 2 Douche Bags 0
Apple Pie 1 T-Baggers 2
Jacqui & Andrea FF Babylicious 2
Better With Beer 2 John & Sean 0
Josh & Collin 0 Tyler & Gabe 2
Howie & Joe 1 Amateur Corn Stars 2
Those Guys 0 Vicious and Delicious 2
Blue Steel 2 Peter North & Lex Steele 0
Bob & Rick 1 Tag Em N Bag Em 2
Corn Stars 1 Mike & Mikey 2
Alan & Phil 0 3 Amigos 2
Shut Your Mouth Campbell 0 Mike & Dustin 2
A-Holes 2 The Hole Stuffers 0
Shut UR Cornhole! 2 Two Rivermen 0

Then we moved into Division play where every team played every other team in their division 4-5 times each (single games).  Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I Standings 
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Ricky Bobby35241168.57%0$130
2Matt & Beau35211460.00%-3$140
4Ken & Jim35191654.29%-5$10
5Shucking Amazing35171848.57%-7
6Kobra Cai35161945.71%-8$20
7Get Off Our Boards35122334.29%-12
8Honey Badgers35102528.57%-14$20
Division II Standings 
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Applesauce Boys35251071.43%0$90
2The Leg Sweepers35251071.43%0$80
3Dynamic Doubles35241168.57%-1$110
4Michelle & PJ35161945.71%-9$20
5JJ & Robb35152042.86%-10$30
6Those Guys35132237.14%-12
7Vicious and Delicious35122334.29%-13$20
8Jeep & Yudi35102528.57%-15
Division III Standings 
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Peter North & Lex Steele3224875.00%0$110
2Blue Steel3224875.00%0$40
3Apple Pie32211165.63%-3$10
4Douche Bags32201262.50%-4$40
6Josh & Collin32122037.50%-12$80
7Better With Beer32102231.25%-14$20
8Sharp Shooters32102231.25%-14$20
9John & Sean3252715.63%-19
Division IV Standings 
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Tag Em N Bag Em3526974.29%0$110
2Corn Stars35251071.43%-1$120
3Mike & Mikey35241168.57%-2$30
4Bob & Rick35221362.86%-4$10
5Tyler & Gabe35171848.57%-9$20
6Alan & Phil35142140.00%-12$40
73 Amigos3592625.71%-17$20
8Shut Your Mouth Campbell353328.57%-23
Division V Standings 
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Mike & Dustin3226681.25%0$110
2Howie & Joe3224875.00%-2$80
4Amateur Corn Stars32221068.75%-4$100
5Shut UR Cornhole!32181456.25%-8$30
6The Hole Stuffers32141843.75%-12
7Two Rivermen3282425.00%-18
8Jacqui & Andrea3272521.88%-19

Division I Regular Season Winners:

Bob and Rick

1st Place – Ricky Bobby (Bob Havasi / Rick Clark)

matt and beau

2nd Place – Matt & Beau (Matt Strzala / Beau Horky)

Division II Regular Season Winners:

applesauce boys

1st Place – Applesauce Boys (Kurt Mott / Travis Mott)

Ron and Stacia

2nd Place –  The Leg Sweepers (Ron Weiss / Stacia Pugh)

Division III Regular Season Winners:

Brian Myers

1st Place – Peter North & Lex Steele (Brian Myers / Ryan McCafferty (not pictured))

blue steel

2nd Place – Blue Steel (Bryan Stadnik / Bob Bunevich)

Division IV Regular Season Winners:

Dand and Joe

1st Place – Tag Em N Bag Em (Dan Spirko / Joe Mahlencamp)

Jerry and Charile

2nd Place – Corn Stars (Jerry Scott / Charlie Nagy)

Division V Regular Season Winners:

Mike and Dustin

1st Place – Mike & Dustin (Mike Handa / Dustin Nofel)

Joe and Howie

2nd Place – Howie & Joe (Joe Starc / Howie Gibbons)

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games.  We also forced teams that won their division during the regular season to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Click on the Division to view the bracket:

Matt and Beau2

Division I – Matt & Beau (Matt Strzala and Beau Horky)

Dan and Darnell
Division II – Dynamic Doubles (Dan Wolf and Darnell Johnson)

Josh and Collin
Division III – Josh and Collin (Collin Miller and Josh Miller)

Charlie and Jerry
Divisioin IV – Corn Stars (Charlie Nagy and Jerry Scott)

Dennis and Jason
Division V – Amateur Corn Stars (Dennis Edwards and Jason Komara)

Overall 33 of the 42 teams won at least some of their money back!  Here are those totals:

PlaceTeam$ Won
1Matt & Beau$140
2Ricky Bobby$130
3Corn Stars$120
4Dynamic Doubles$110
4Peter North & Lex Steele$110
4Tag Em N Bag Em$110
4Mike & Dustin$110
8Amateur Corn Stars$100
9Applesauce Boys$90
10The Leg Sweepers$80
10Josh & Collin$80
10Howie & Joe$80
13Blue Steel$40
13Douche Bags$40
13Alan & Phil$40
16JJ & Robb$30
16Mike & Mikey$30
16Shut UR Cornhole!$30
22Kobra Cai$20
22Honey Badgers$20
22Michelle & PJ$20
22Vicious and Delicious$20
22Better With Beer$20
22Sharp Shooters$20
22Tyler & Gabe$20
223 Amigos$20
31Ken & Jim$10
31Apple Pie$10
31Bob & Rick$10

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  1. Josh says:

    Champs baby

  2. jj teron says:

    1st of all nice job Dave (hoping your playing next session) can’t be all that fun on sidelines!! Nice recap!! We’re lucky you love cornhole so much!!Congrats to all div. winner’s, especially Ricky/Bobby and Mike/Dustin way to go out on top!!! Now as for Josh n Colin who does your make-up you guys look marvelous lol!! I’m very happy to have my son as my partner again, good luck to the new team also ykw peace

  3. On behalf of the American Legion post 421 and the 220 Tavern
    It has been a pleasure to have you all with us
    And although we’ve had a few bumpy roads
    We hope your experience at our facility has
    been enjoyable. Our bar is open to all of you
    anytime and hope you will come back to visit
    And/or play again.

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