2014 – Summer Parma Recap

Summer 2014 Parma League Summary

The 2014 Summer Parma season consisted of a 16 teams


Special thanks to our host, Flyers Bar and Grill in Parma!

To start the season every team in the league played every other team in the league one game.  Here are those results.

PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %
2The Leg Sweepers1513286.67%
3Jim and Michelle1512380.00%
4Cleveland Corn Bros.1512380.00%
5Christine and Frank1511473.33%
6Ken and Mikeyxxx70.00%
8S and S158753.33%
9Scott and John157846.67%
10Deal or No Deal156940.00%
11Hole Stuffers156940.00%
12Tony and David156940.00%
13Sharp Shooters156940.00%
14Doug and Scott1551033.33%
15Team Polystar1531220.00%
16Dawg Pound151146.67%

Once all of these games were complete, the teams were broken out into three divisions.

After that we had the “Knock Down” matches where Team #1 player Team #2  2 games with the winner getting $5 for each game won.  Team #3 played Team #4, Team #5 vs. Team #6, etc…  The results for those matches were:

BurdWeiser1The Leg Sweepers1
Jim and Michelle0Cleveland Corn Bros.2
Misfits1S and S1
Scott and John1Deal or No Deal1
Team Polystar2Dawg Pound0
Christine and Frank0Ken and Mikey2
Sharp Shooters2Doug and Scott0
Hole Stuffers2Tony and David0

Then we moved into Division play where every team played every other team in their division 7 games each.

Here are the results of divisional play:

Division I Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
2Christine and Frank42251759.52%-8.0$120
3Cleveland Corn Bros.42241857.14%-9.0$20
4The Leg Sweepers42231954.76%-10.0$5
5Ken and Mikey42202247.62%-13.0$50
6Jim and Michelle42162638.10%-17.0
Division II Standings
PlaceTeamGamesWonLostWin %GB$ Won
1Sharp Shooters4035587.50%0.0$90
2Hole Stuffers40301075.00%-5.0$130
3Tony and David40251562.50%-10.0$50
4S and S40202050.00%-15.0$10
5Deal or No Deal40192147.50%-16.0$5
6Scott and John40172342.50%-18.0$15
7Team Polystar40152537.50%-20.0$10
8Doug and Scott40142635.00%-21.0
9Dawg Pound4053512.50%-30.0

Division I Regular Season Winners

1st Place – Burdweiser (Dave Weiser / Mike Burdette)

Dave and Mike

2nd Place – Christine and Frank

Frank and Christine

Division II Regular Season Winners

1st Place – Sharp Shooters (Tim Hughart / Rob Szczech)

Tim and Rob

2nd Place – Hole Stuffers (Miguel and Justin Salcedo)

Miguel and Justin

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games.  We also forced teams that won their division during the regular season to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Click on the Division to view the bracket

Div I – 8 Team Double Elimination

1st Place – Christine and Frank

Christine and Frank

2nd Place – Ken and Mikey (Mikey Burdette / Ken Allen)

Mikey and Ken

Div II – 8 Team Double Elimination

1st Place – Hole Stuffers (Miguel and Justin Salcedo)

Miguel and Justin2

2nd Place – Tony and David (David Morse / Tony Milia)

David and Tony

Overall 13 of the 16 teams won at least some of their money back!

$ Totals

Team$ Won
Hole Stuffers$130
Christine and Frank$120
Sharp Shooters$90
Ken and Mikey$50
Tony and David$50
Cleveland Corn Bros.$20
Scott and John$15
S and S$10
Team Polystar$10
The Leg Sweepers$5
Deal or No Deal$5

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