2017 – Spring Singles League Summary

Spring 2017 Thursday Singles League Summary

The Spring 2017 Thursday singles league consisted of 25 players


Special thanks to our host, the West Park Slovenian Hall!

The league consisted of 3 divisions that were set before the league started.  We played 7 “regular” season weeks and one week of playoffs. Here are the “regular” season records.

Division 1

Division I – Standings
PosNameGamesWonLostWin %
1Christine Papcke3937294.9%
2Dave Reschke39271269.2%
3Mike Pfaff39261366.7%
4Ron Weiss39201951.3%
5Sean Roth39172243.6%
6Beau Horky39162341.0%
7Marcus Patrick39132633.3%

Division 2

Division II – Standings
PosNameGamesWonLostWin %
1Seto Soto40301075.0%
2Mike Burdette40291172.5%
3Kevin Allen40261465.0%
4Rob Smith40221855.0%
5Tim Allen40221855.0%
6Dave Abruzzino40182245.0%
7Kerry Mittermiller40182245.0%
8Corey Smith40162440.0%
9Dave Kramer40142635.0%

Division 3

Division III – Standings
PosNameGamesWonLostWin %
1Earl Locklear4134782.9%
2Dawn Rodgers41261563.4%
3Felix Rodgers41241758.5%
4Bri Allegier41241758.5%
5Mike Allegier41132831.7%
6Danielle Kountz41103124.4%
7Bobby Sabo4173417.1%
8Jeremy Hostetler4163514.6%
9Tom Adamski4163514.6%

Then the final week was the playoffs. Players that won their division during the regular season were required to move up to the next highest division for the playoffs.  The playoffs were double elimination (3 games guaranteed).

Division 1 Playoff Bracket

Division 2 Playoff Bracket

Division 3 Playoff Bracket