2017 – Summer Monday Summary

Summer 2017 Monday League Summary

The Summer 2017 Monday session consisted of 28 teams!


Special thanks to our host, the Copper Stone Catering & Event Center!

To start the season we held a Full Round Robin to determine 4 divisions.

Here are the round robin results.

Round Robin Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
2Christine and Travis2724388.9%
3MC Hammered2723485.2%
4Matt and Beau2723485.2%
5Kevin and Heather2722581.5%
6Eric and Dave2721677.8%
7Kerry and Eli2720774.1%
8Chico and the Man2720774.1%
9Just the Tip2719870.4%
10Ken and Mike2718966.7%
11Bob and Tim2718966.7%
12Corn Stars27171063.0%
13Peace Syndicate27141351.9%
14Earl and Jason27131448.1%
15Miller Time27131448.1%
16Felix and Nicole27121544.4%
17Holey Moley27111640.7%
18Jeff and Jim27101737.0%
19Italian Stallions2791833.3%
21Mike and Bri2781929.6%
22Tom and Marty2781929.6%
23Dennis and Nick2762122.2%
24Tyler and Mitch2762122.2%
25Now Boarding2762122.2%
26George and Deb2732411.1%
27Ed and John271263.7%
28Sack to the Future271263.7%

Regular Season Results

Division I – Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Christine and Travis2823582.1%
2Matt and Beau2820871.4%
3Eric and Dave2820871.4%
4Kerry and Eli28151353.6%
6Kevin and Heather28121642.9%
7MC Hammered2891932.1%
8Chico and the Man2891932.1%
Division II – Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Ken and Mike33231069.7%
2Corn Stars33211263.6%
3Just the Tip33211263.6%
4Peace Syndicate33191457.6%
5Bob and Tim33191457.6%
6Earl and Jason33102330.3%
7Miller Time3392427.3%
Division III – Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Holey Moley3123874.2%
2Felix and Nicole3122971.0%
3Italian Stallions31191261.3%
4Mike and Bri31161551.6%
6Jeff and Jim3172422.6%
7Tom and Marty3162519.4%
Division IV – Standings
PosTeamGmsWonLostWin %
1Dennis and Nick3228487.5%
2Now Boarding32201262.5%
3Tyler and Mitch32181456.3%
4George and Deb32171553.1%
5Ed and John3242812.5%
6Sack to the Future321313.1%

Division I Regular Season Winners

1st Place – Christine and Travis

2nd Place – Beau and Matt

Division II Regular Season Winners

1st Place – Mike and Ken (Not Pictured)

2nd Place – Corn Stars (Dawn and Rob)

Division III Regular Season Winners

1st Place – Holey Moley (Dave and Ruben)

2nd Place – Felix and Nicole

Division IV Regular Season Winners

1st Place – Nick and Dennis

2nd Place – Now Boarding (Ken and Mike)

And finally we had the season ending tournament which was double elimination, single games (and a 3rd bracket to determine 4th place).  We also forced teams that won their division during the regular season to move up into the next higher division to play in the tournament.

Click on the Division to view the bracket

Division I

1st Place – Dave and Eric

Division II

1st Place – Miller Time (Marcus and Emmaneul)

Division III

1st Place – Mike and Bri

Division IV

1st Place – Mitch and Tyler