Spring Singles League Champs!

Congrats to our Spring Singles League Champions! Thanks to everyone who participated.

Division Champ Runner-Up Tournament
Premier Christine Papcke Ken Schaef Ken Schaef
D1 Alan Skotko Mike Burdette Rob Smith
D2 Bill Hilbish JJ Teron Nicole Kountz
D3 Don Gray Earl Locklear Keith Burtt
D4 Denise Verhosek Jeremy Hostetler Jeremy Hostetler
D5 Jerry Gugliotta Billy Dailey Valerie Harper

ACL Conference Event #3 Results

I wanted to thank the 109 players that attended the ACL Conference event this past weekend! I truly appreciate everyone who came out and especially those that traveled up to 5-6 hours to attend! Hopefully everyone had a fun. Well over $3,000 was paid out across the 8 tournaments that were run.

For those that are headed to Cherokee in July I’ll see you there! Here are the results from this past weekend. More pictures will be added as I get them.

Advanced Singles

1 Cody Henderson (2268)
2 Trey Burchfield (7028)

3 Jamie Pernell (5993)
4 Dave Kolenc (2870)
5 Brian Hall (9623)
5 Christine Papcke (1806) Read More…

Registration for the 2018 ACL Championships is NOW OPEN!

Cornhole players, registration for the 2018 ACL Championships is now open! It’s estimated that OVER $70,000 will be paid out in Cherokee this year, but more importantly, this is an event like no other with almost 30 different tournaments being held over the 5 days!

IMPORTANT – You must pre-register for any event you want to participate in (except for the Big Blind Draws,  Florida Blind Draws and Conference Cup). Each event does have a player cap, so don’t be left out! There may be a couple events that they will allow on-site registration for if they don’t sell out, but that’s not a guarantee and if allowed at all will cost double the price than what you pay if you pre-register.

All registration MUST be done through the ACL app on your phone or at https://app.iplayacl.com/

Link to the Schedule for the 2018 ACL Championships

Additionally, there is $30,000 being given out for the Advanced Singles and Advanced Blind Draw. Unless you are playing in the Social division you will want to sign-up for Advanced Singles/Blind Draw where if you don’t make it out of Round 1 you automatically get put into Competitive Singles and Competitive Blind draw which are offering $1,000 per tournament in prize money.  Nobody will be allowed to sign-up directly for the Competitive Singles or Competitive Blind Draw, you must sign-up for Advanced Singles.

*Important – if you’ve ever played in an ACL event you have a login for their site.  If you don’t know what it is, please contact me and I will try and get it for you. Please do NOT create a new account as that would mean you’ll have more than one ACL account which is a bit of a pain to get fixed.  Additionally, if you are going to Cherokee and are not an ACL member, please sign-up for an ACL membership through me. By doing this you will save a ton of money on your entry fees at Cherokee and you will be a member through July 2019.

I think that’s all for now. If you have questions, please email me at ClevelandCornhole@att.net or text/call me at 440.570.5701


Congratulations to Our Spring Monday Champions!

Full league summary will be out in the near future.

Div 1st 2nd Tournament Champs
1 Ken and Eli Christine and Travis Ken and Eli
2 Reschke Bert and Ernie Eliminators
3 Now Boarding MEJORANDO George and Deb
4 Those Guys Custom Bubbles Custom Bubbles
5 Pablo Sanchez Rick and Keith Slim and Chubby

ACL May 2018 Results

We had 58 players at our final regional of the 2017-2018 season. Thanks to everyone who has come out this season! The 2018-2019 ACL Season will begin on August 18th!  There is still one more chance to play ACL locally this season and that’s at the ACL Conference Event on June 1-2. You must live in Ohio or Pennsylvania (or be approved by the ACL) in order to play in this event.

Here are the results from May.

Advanced Singles

1 Christine Papcke (1806)
2 Jack Smith (2648)
3 Chuckie Love (2097)
4 Ken Schaef (2100) Read More…

Pairings Announced for Coney Island!

Congratulations to SIX of our local players for being invited to the $20,000 tournament at Coney Island on July 4th. Not only is there big money, but also all 16 players will be on ESPN/2 for at least one game. Here are the pairings for the Coney Island event.

Frank Modlin (NC) / Eric Anderson (OH)
James Baldwin (VA) / David Gardner (NC)
Jordan Camba (VA) / Eric Ryder (SC)
Allan Rockwell (VA) / Seto Soto (OH)
Trae Kelly (VA) / Wally Justus (WV)
Cody Henderson (OH) / Mike Pfaff (OH)
Ken Schaef (OH)/ Scott Lane (FL)
Adam Hissner (OH) / Christine Papcke (OH)

2018 ACL Green Bay National Results!

Advanced Singles Finals
1 Matt Guy
2 Cody Henderson

Read More…

The Value of ACL Points

I have been asked several times lately why ACL points are important, so I put this document together. I realize ACL points are only important to some of our local players, but they certainly do mean something. Below is a link to a document that highlights the importance of ACL points.

*Note – not shown in this document is that last year many of our local players earned ACL Elite status by finishing top 64. All of those players were offered a contract from the ACL and many signed it. Because of this, 6 of our local players have been invited to Coney Island for the Pro Invitational event on July 4th which will be shown on ESPN/2! Congrats to those players. While finishing top 64 certainly does not guarantee you will get to play in that event next year, it does mean that it COULD happen…


ACL College is Expanding!

Are you a college student or do you know a college student who enjoys playing cornhole?

ACL College is expanding for the 2018 year!  Last year ACL College ran events at all of the SEC schools and had the winners head to the SEC Championship Game (Football) to play to see which school had the best cornhole players. These teams battled it out on ESPN3 and ESPNU and the same (or similar) is expected again this year with thousands of dollars up for grabs in scholarship money.

This year ACL College is expanding! Any college can be eligible to qualify a team for this years competition which will be held over two days (Dec 28-31, exact dates not set yet) in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Exact details have not yet been released, but you can get started now at your school or plan for Fall of 2018 by contacting the ACL and telling them you’re ready to get your school on board with Cornhole!

More details HERE

ACL April 2018 Results

Thanks once again to the 67 players that came out for the April regional. We have one more “full” monthly regional on May 12th for the 2017-2018 ACL season. Then it starts back up with a new season in August.

Advanced Singles

1 Chuckie Love (2097)
2 Trey Burchfield (7028)
3 Christine Papcke (1806)
4 Adam Hissner (2105)
5 Kieran Hornacek (9123)
5 Stacia Pugh (1805) Read More…