All Cleveland Cornhole Events Cancelled Until Further Notice

I am sorry to say all Cleveland Cornhole events (including leagues) are now cancelled indefinitely due to the pandemic. If you are in a league I sent an email with information about refunds.

ACL November 2020 Results

Our November regional was the biggest of the new season thus far including setting a record with 46 Intermediate Singles players! Thanks to everyone for coming out. We have our big conference event in 2 weeks and then our December regional in early December to end the 2020 year (hopefully, assuming COVID doesn’t shut us down). Here are November’s results.

November (125 Unique Players)

Advanced Singles

1 Eric Anderson
2 Trey Burchfield
3 Mike Bechtel
4 Timmy Jonas
5 Chad Braun
5 Anthony Kissel Read More…


I’m going to order some patches. Vote for your favorite color combo below as I’m only going to be ordering one color.

Which Color Combo is Best

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New Gear Has Arrived!

Gear will be available at league and tournaments. If there is something specific you want I will be placing a new small order FRIDAY 10/30, so let me know before then and I will order it for you.

Short Sleeve – $15
Long Sleeve – $20
Hoodie – $28

ACL October 2020 Results

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. We will be back at the same facility for our next ACL event on November 7th! All players who won money were sent their winnings in the ACL Wallet this morning. Here are the results.

Advanced Singles

1 Jacob Beamer
2 Eric Anderson
3 Matt Abernathy
4 Chuckie Love
5 Quentin Robinson
5 Eric Barlow

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ACL September 2020 Results

We had a nice turnout yesterday, thanks to everyone who came out. Our next regional is just two weeks away in a similar facility, but this facility is in Eastlake. Unfortunately it’s hard to get into the Rocky River Force Sports, but the one in Eastlake is right off of the highway, so hopefully it’s not too bad to get to. Here are the results for September.

Advanced Singles

1 Eric Anderson
2 Tom Walter
3 Mike Bechtel
4 Steven Fouts
5 Chad Mayberry
5 Eric Barlow Read More…

Monday Night Blind Draws?

Hello Cleveland Cornhole players, I am considering starting up Monday Night Blind Draws with the first being Monday 9/21. These would probably work as follows:
– Pre-registration would be done, if not sold out registration would close at 6:45pm ($10/person entry)
– 2 Divisions (Upper most likely Premier, D1, D2 players, Lower D3 and lower players)
– Limited to roughly 80 players so that social distancing can be done
– A/B Blind Draw – If there are say 40 players in a division, I would split them with 20 in the A and 20 in the B and an A player would be randomly paired with a B player
– Double elimination, any players eliminated by a certain time can then enter a single elimination standard blind draw for $5.

The reason for this is I don’t want to start a league and then we are forced to shut it down in the middle again. I also don’t want to have everyone commit to 10-12 weeks and feel they have to be there even if they are not feeling well. This allows players to play without committing.

Would You Participate in Monday Night Blind Draws?

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Cleveland Cornhole Update

Hello Cleveland Cornhole players, wanted to send out an email to the players to provide an update on what to expect with regards to Cleveland Cornhole leagues/tournaments this Fall and possibly beyond…

Obviously COVID has thrown a wrench into most of our lives and this has filtered down to cornhole for sure. We had to cancel the winter league 2/3 of the way through it and cancel the Spring league completely. All events were cancelled from mid-March until June and even then it was just one event in June and one in July. We lost a friend to this virus who used to play in our leagues and events (Bill Hilbish) and with that news I shut down again.

With all of that all leagues are still on hold indefinitely. I am simply not comfortable with having a league in these conditions for many reasons, a couple of which include:
1 – packing 120 people into the gym twice a week, every week, with limited to no social distancing just won’t go well.

2 – if we start a league again and then the governor shuts it down or we have a breakout of cases I do not want to go through the refund process all over again and not finish a session

So leagues are on hold. If I have money of yours and you prefer to get it now, just let me know and I will send it to you. Otherwise I will continue to hold it until we return. Once I decide to start leagues back up I will send another email and post on the website/facebook with registration opening roughly one month before we start.

I am not completely against the idea of a weekly blind draw as players would not have to commit to it every week and can skip it if not feeling well. If that happens it would likely be on Monday’s and limited to no more than 80 people each week with online registration, first come first served. If you have thoughts on that, let me know.

As far as tournaments I am planning on having the ACL Monthly Regionals once a month starting in September. I’m hoping to have it at a place where we can distance as much as possible and have fresh air, but still working it out. Other than that I am not planning on running any other events that aren’t already scheduled (I have one up in the air working with a group in Akron) until all of this is more under control.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

Don’t hesitate to respond if you have any questions,

It’s Time… For a New Logo

As I head into my 10th year of running cornhole events, I think it’s time for a new logo.

My logo’s over the years
In 2010 I started a cornhole website called CornholeBlogger which tracked all of the events I went to play in as well as to share my thoughts and get players thoughts on how to make cornhole better. This was my logo.

In 2012 I started the Ohio Cornhole Tour where I traveled around Ohio and ran blind draws where the winner of each tournament qualified for the Ohio Cornhole Tour Championships.
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2020 ACL World Championship Results!

What a crazy week in Rock Hill South Carolina. 6 days of cornhole is a lot, but the TV/Digital coverage was amazing, the venue was stunning and the players did pretty well with their masks. When it was all said and done over $256,000 was won!

This link has all of the results.

Here’s a quick summary of how all of our Cleveland Cornhole ACL players did at the event. Sorry if I missed anyone…

Women’s Singles
7th – Christine Papcke

Competitive Crew Cup
2nd – Tony Rinaldi’s Team
3rd – Collin Miller’s Team Read More…