USA Forces Qualifier Results

We had our first ever USA Forces Qualifier on Saturday. While the turnout wasn’t great, we still gave a bid to our winners. Congratulations to Quentin Robinson and Chad Braun who punched their ticket to the USA Forces Finals in May! If they get hot you will get to watch them play on the NBC Sports Network! Thanks also to everyone who came out to the blind draws.

USA Forces Qualifier

1st – Quentin Robinson / Chad Braun
2nd – Dan Dillinger / Earl Locklear
Thank you all for your service! Read More…

USA Cornhole Tournament 3-7-2020!

The Vision for USA Cornhole is for the sport of cornhole to attain inclusion in the Olympic Games as well as establish and maintain the governance of the sport within the United States and be a leader in the international growth of the sport.

The first major event for USA Cornhole is the USA Forces Championships to be held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (Pier 86- New York City) –
May 22-23, 2020. This event will have a minimum $10,000 prize pool and feature the top 8 teams on NBCSN!

On March 7th Cleveland Cornhole will be running a qualifier for this tournament. For every 6 teams that enter, 1 will get a FREE entry into the USA Forces Championships ($250 value)! If you’re not eligible to play in the USA Forces event you can come and play blind draws for cash and ACL Local points.

Go HERE for more details on the Qualifier

ACL February 2020 Results

We had another great turnout this weekend with 160 players and a huge crowd for Intermediate with 41 intermediate doubles teams which is a record. I want to thank everyone for their patience as we tried to keep things moving as best we could. Reminder that the next 4 regionals and last 4 of the 2019-2020 season will be in Rocky River with at least 24 sets of boards instead of 16.

Here are the results:
February (160 Unique Players, 2nd biggest total to date)

Advanced Singles

1 Eric Anderson (5404)
2 Matt Abernathy (27979)
3 Brandon Corwin (18397)
4 Trey Burchfield (7028)
5 Jeff Reynolds (30097)
5 Ken Schaef (2100) Read More…

Super Bowl Squares!

Thanks to everyone who participated and best of luck! New numbers each quarter, so make sure you are looking at the correct numbers.

Congratulations to the Winners!
Q1 – KC 7   SF 3 – G Glass ($75)
Q2 – KC 10  SF 10 – D Fulop ($75)
Q3 – KC 10  SF 20 – Dave Moga ($75)
Final – KC 31  SF 20 – G Glass ($125)

Click on the image below for a printable version.

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1.18.2020 – Dance Fundraiser Results

Thanks to everyone who came out in the snow to the fundraiser. We ended up with about 80 players. Here are the results.

4-Player Crew Event

1st – Tony/Eric/Don/Anthony
2nd – Rob/Mike/Dawn/Felix
3rd – Timmy/Collin/Jacob/George

4th – Beau/Nick/Darnell/Seto Read More…

ACL January 2020 Results

I don’t know what it is about January, but for the second year in a row there was a huge jump in participation in the month of January. We set records in not 1 or 2 divisions, but ALL SEVEN TOURNAMENTS! So if this was the first tournament you’ve ever attended I do apologize if you had long waits and it felt chaotic, it’s really impossible to predict that we would go 110-115 players to 161! That’s really a huge increase. At this point I’m not sure how to plan going forward. It’s very difficult to find a bigger venue than what we have, but I prefer not to split the event into two different days, so we will see.

Anyway, thank you to the 161 players who came out, pretty incredible. Here are the results.

Please note a few players have been moved up going forward at regional tournaments.

Advanced Singles

1 Jordan Power (22427)
2 Eric Anderson (5404)
3 Chuckie Love (2097)
4 Ron Kugel (2436)
5 Jeff Reynolds (30097)
5 Chad Webb (46662) Read More…

2019 Thursday Fall League Summary


2019 Monday Fall League Summary


To view any of the nearly 50 leagues run by Cleveland Cornhole since 2012 just click on Leagues and then Past Leagues above.

The Thursday Fall League Summary should be out next week.

12.16.2019 – Team Night Results

Another fun team night ended with Team Red pretty much dominating from start to finish.

Team Red (Haywood) ended with an overall record of 50-34 and finished with a 10 point win over Team Black (Pfaff) who finished just one point ahead of Team Blue (Kevin Allen). Thanks to all who participated. The next team event will likely be in July, possibly with a modified format to allow more players to play…

Team Red – 66 points (50-34 record)
Team Black – 56 points (43-41 record)
Team Blue – 55 points (42-42 record)
Team Orange – 39 points (33-51 record)

ACL December 2019 Results

Another great month of ACL Cornhole! We had 117 players at our December regional including new records in the Advanced Blind Draw and we tied a record in Intermediate Singles! Here are the results.

December (117 Unique Players)
Advanced Singles

1 Eric Anderson (5404)
2 Chuckie Love (2097)
3 Jacob Beamer (46413)
4 Jeff Reynolds (30097)
5 Ron Kugel (2436)
5 Christine Papcke (1806) Read More…