Inaugural Team Event

Saturday August 12th – Cleveland Cornhole will be hosting the 1st ever REGIONAL CORNHOLE CUP in which a 16 player team of our own Cleveland players will be battling a 16 player Akron team as well as a 16 player Warren team. Our 16 player Cleveland Team was chosen using the current voting rankings which are done roughly every 6 months based on voting from several of our players… we drew the line at the Top 10 players from this list and then gave those players a list of the remaining players that at least had an honorable mention from the March vote. Please note that this is the inaugural event, if successful we will hopefully expand for the next event so that more players can participate. I realize that our area is loaded with cornhole talent and no doubt it was very hard to choose just 16 and this seemed like a good way to do it. Congratulations to Aaron Kleinpeter, Beau Horky, Chad Braun, Christine Papcke, Collin Miller, Dave Reschke, Eli Stevens, Eric Anderson, Ken Allen, Kevin Allen, Matt Strzala, Mike Burdette, Captain Mike Pfaff, Ron Weiss, Seto Soto and Travis Mott on representing Cleveland in the first Regional Cornhole Cup.

IMPORTANT – Anyone not on one of the 3 teams that is interested in playing on SATURDAY AUGUST 12th we are looking to form 8 player teams for your own rivalry team tournament. Please contact me immediately if you are interested because space will be limited and must be done in increments of 8. Or if you are interested in heading up an 8 player team that would be great. Akron was talking trash that they could get 8 more that could be 8 more Clevelanders… Dave

Akron Cleveland Youngstown
Adam Hissner Aaron Kleinpeter Andrew Miller
Al Shuluga Beau Horky Chuckie Love
Barry Beresford Chad Braun Denny Wareham
Bill Sobleskie Jr. Christine Papcke Gary Lewis
Bill Sobleskie Sr. Collin Miller $G-Money$
Brandon Corwin Dave Reschke Jake Henry
Chick Roth Eli Stevens Jeff Reynolds
Dave Wood Eric Anderson Keith Geho
Greg Wyatt Ken Allen Mark Miller
Ken Schaef Kevin Allen Ron Kugel
Kieran Hornacek Matt Strzala Scott Coates
Mitch McBurney Mike Burdette Shane Schmucker
Rob Miller Mike Pfaff Shawn Burns
Sean Roth Ron Weiss Timmy Mast
Shaun Burchfield Seto Soto Tom Loftus
Trey Burchfield Travis Mott Tree

Podcast #2 – July 2017

Includes an Interview with Christine Papcke.


Garrettsville Summerfest Results – 6.24.2017

We had a record 30 teams in Garrettsville on Saturday and nearly a grand paid out in cash!  Thanks to everyone who came out.  Here are the results.

Competitive Doubles

1 Trey Burchfield
1 Adam Hissner
2 Tim Mast
2 Jake Henry Read More…

Family Festival Results – 6.8.2017

Thanks to the teams that made the trip out to the East side on a Thursday night.  Here are the results.

1st – Aaron Kleinpeter / Eli Stevens
2nd – Ken Schaef / Bill Sobleskie Jr. Read More…

First Podcast

Here’s a LINK, or go to “Podcast” above.  I used Soundcloud for now, but I may switch in the future if I continue to do these. I was hoping to keep them under 10 minutes, but it didn’t happen and ya, it’s rather boring. I guess most “Podcasts” are longer than 10 minutes, so maybe on the commute home from work when you are more awake you can give it a listen, lol. Please send me ideas on how to make it better, thanks.


2017 Spring Singles League Summary


Singles Night Results – 5.22.2017

Division 1

1st – Christine Papcke
2nd – Eli Stevens

3rd – Eric Anderson Read More…

Blind Draw League Summary

Here’s a link to the summary, you can also view all past leagues by clicking on “Past Leagues” above.

Spring 2017 Blind Draw League Summary

Blind Draw League Results

Full results should be out sometime this week.

Congratulations to the blind draw league best regular season records.

Upper Division
1st – Mike Pfaff
2nd – Christine Papcke
3rd – Seto Soto
4th – Travis Mott
5th – Kevin Allen

Lower Division
1st – Howie Gibbons
2nd – Aaron Edwards
3rd – Heather Hentosz
4th – Jason Komar

Read More…

ACL May 2017 Results

Open Singles
1 Adam Hissner (2105)
2 Christine Papcke (1806)
3 Ken Schaef (2100)
4 Ron Kugel (2436) Read More…