Monday Teams

2021 Fall Monday Registered Teams


Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Paid Day Off?
1 Alan and Eli Alan Skotko Eli Stevens
2 Anthony and Zachary Anthony Piotrowski Zachary Piotrowski
3 Baggum n’taggum Josh Ours Susan Ours 9/27/2021
4 Bob and Clay Bob Snyder Clay Wade 10/18/21 and 11/22/2021
5 Brennan and Dale Bob Bunevich Bob Adams
6 CDC Davis Dudley Will Ripley
7 Chad and Quentin Chad Braun Quentin Robinson
8 Chris and Andrew Chris Becker Andrew Helderman
9 Christine and Travis Christine Papcke Travis Mott
10 CORNBUSTERS Seto Soto Dennis Fortney
11 Dan and Tim Dan Sakal Tim Jonas 9/20/2021
12 Danielle and Don Danielle Kountz Don Gray
13 Dave and Boomer Dave Kuhar Boomer Fechko
14 Dave and Steve Dave Abruzzino Steve Fouts 9/20/2021
15 Dawgs for Life Billy Dryden Frank Faron
16 Dennis and Tess Dennis Williams Tess Fuller
17 DMF Don Andrews Ben Quallich 10/11/2021
18 Donnie and Courtney Courtney Conrad Donnie Craven
19 Earl and Marcus Earl Locklear Marcus Patrick
20 Eric and Anthony Eric Anderson Anthony Kissel
21 Gary and Ken Gary Bury Ken Allen
22 George and Deb George Mendek Deb Mendek
23 Howie and Carl Howie Gibbons Carl Pethtel
24 Jake and Shannon Jake Zamora Shannon Nenandal
25 Jason & Jason Jason Criss Jason Criss
26 Jason & Tim Jason Shumney Tim Hughart
27 Jeep and Yudi Jeep Joseph Yudi Joseph
28 Jeff & Russ Jeff Evans Russ Piazza
29 Jessica and Aaron Jessica Shearer Aaron Schimmoller
30 JJ & Darnell JJ Teron Darnell Johnson
31 Joe & AJ Joe Vicente Aj Vicente
32 John & John John Ragnoni John Ragnoni
33 John & Larry Larry Mazza John Delisi
34 Jokers Ken Storme Katie Storme
35 Ken and Dave Ken Rocco Dave Perez
36 Kevin & TJ Kevin Fairchild TJ Moran
37 Kevin and Steve Kevin Meek Steve Shumney
38 Larry and Cassie Larry Fendrick Cassie Fendrick
39 Lavar and Travis Lavar Elliott Travis Elliott
40 Lawan and Lawan Lawan Richards Sr Lawan Richards jr.
41 Matt and Mike Mike Early Matt Crago
42 Mike and Tony Michael Azzarello Tony Azzarello
43 Nick and Hannah Nick Jouriles Hannah Simmons
44 Nick and Tim Tim Allen Nick Lemasters
45 Nicole and Felix Nicole Pratt Felix Rogers
46 Nicole and Ken Nicole Bruno Ken Schaef
47 No Love Dawn Rodgers Mike Bechtel
48 Pete and Joann  Pete James Joann Notaro
49 Ralph and Tyler Ralph Skrobacs Tyler Kuhar
50 Rusty Nuts Jason Ritondaro Rusty Tobel 10/11/2021
51 Sandbaggers David Ely Chris Houdek
52 Sean & Chick Sean Roth Chick Roth
53 Sharon and Mike Sharon Merritt Mike Merritt
54 Splash Brothers Aaron Kleinpeter Rob Smith
55 Team Paisano’s Dave Bertolone Scott Latone
56 Thomas and George Thomas Mathews George Lawiki
57 Timmy and Chuckie Timmy Jonas Chuckie Love
58 Tom and Ken Tom Berger Ken Kissel
59 Tom and Leslie Tom James Leslie James
60 Tony and Dan Tony Rinaldi Dan Nenandal
61 Tony and Mike Tony Kissel Mike Maruna