Monday Teams

2018 Summer Monday’s – Registered Teams

Entire League is OFF on 7/2 and 7/16

# Team Name Player 1 Player 2
1 Backdoor Mud Slingers Randal Arcangelini Mike Yankovitz
2 Beers & Bags Josh Amburgey Larry Naso
3 Belize It Or Not Kerry Mittermiller Dave Abruzzino
4 Bert and Ernie John Toohey Bob Bunevich
5 BG Boys Mike Pfaff Mike Bechtel
6 Breaking Ankles Jim Cahill Michelle Cahill
7 Christine and Travis Christine Papcke Travis Mott
8 Corn Stars Dawn Rodgers Rob Smith
9 Cornslingers Brad Dobies Jason Varwig
10 C-Town and Wowie Carl Pethtel Howie Gibbons
11 Danielle and Tanya Danielle Kountz Tanya
12 Dave and Tim Dave Bertolone Tim Parks
13 Don and Deb Don Gray Deb Gray
14 Eliminators Seto Soto Tim Hughart
15 Eric and Beau Eric Anderson Beau Horky
16 Gettin Better Earl Locklear Emanuel Marrero
17 Jeff and Jim Jeff Evans Jim Crago
18 Just the Tip Josh Miller Collin Miller
19 Keith and Billy Keith Burtt Billy Dailey
20 Kevin and Ken Kevin Allen Ken Schaef
21 Little Larry and Flix Dave Buchman Felix Rodgers
22 Marcus and Mike Marcus Patrick Mike Burdette
23 Nick and Rick Nick Bruno Rick Kuhn
24 Nicole and Jason Nicole Kountz Jason Shumney
25 Now Boarding John Smurlo Ken Rocco
26 Pablo Sanchez Gino Severino Ryan Singer
27 Peace Syndicate JJ Teron Robb Teron
28 REBELS John Prinkey Sandie Prinkey
29 Reschke Dave Reschke James Reschke
30 Rick and Emily Rick Mckelvey Emily Dantio
31 Ron and Stacia Stacia Pugh Ron Weiss
32 Slim and Chubby Tony Kissel Anthony Kissell
33 These Guys Chris Scobee Eric Martinez
34 Those Guys Dennis Fortney Al Acres
35 Tim and Heather Tim Allen Heather Hentosz
36 Tyler and Jason Tyler Thevenin Jason Komar