It’s Time… For a New Logo

As I head into my 10th year of running cornhole events, I think it’s time for a new logo.

My logo’s over the years
In 2010 I started a cornhole website called CornholeBlogger which tracked all of the events I went to play in as well as to share my thoughts and get players thoughts on how to make cornhole better. This was my logo.

In 2012 I started the Ohio Cornhole Tour where I traveled around Ohio and ran blind draws where the winner of each tournament qualified for the Ohio Cornhole Tour Championships.

In 2012 I also took over area leagues/tournaments from Jim/Michelle Cahill and started Cleveland Cornhole. This was the original logo.

In 2014 the Ohio Cornhole Tour evolved (briefly) into the Midwest Cornhole Tour which added a couple more states to the idea.

In 2015 Stacia Pugh had the logo we all see now created.

So it’s been 5+ years and I’m ready for something new. Any suggestions on what it should look like? I love having the city in the logo, but anything that captures what our city is all about in a logo would be great.

Ideas? Email them to