2020 ACL World Championship Results!

What a crazy week in Rock Hill South Carolina. 6 days of cornhole is a lot, but the TV/Digital coverage was amazing, the venue was stunning and the players did pretty well with their masks. When it was all said and done over $256,000 was won!

This link has all of the results.

Here’s a quick summary of how all of our Cleveland Cornhole ACL players did at the event. Sorry if I missed anyone…

Women’s Singles
7th – Christine Papcke

Competitive Crew Cup
2nd – Tony Rinaldi’s Team
3rd – Collin Miller’s Team

Competitive Singles
5th – Quentin Robinson

Director Blind Draw
1st – David Morse (he will always be one of us) / Cheyenne Renner
2nd – Mike Bechtel

ACL World Cup
3rd – Mid-East Conference Team

Intermediate Singles
13th – Jon Lemasters

Co-Ed Doubles
5th – Susan Bernheisel / Eli Stevens

Advanced Crew Cup
7th – Kevin Allen’s Team 

Competitive Doubles
5th – Quentin Robinson / Tony Rinaldi

Women’s Doubles
3rd – Christine Papcke / Megan Maupin

Senior Doubles
3rd – Chuckie Love / Tom Walter
5th – Ron Kugel / Dave Kolenc

Pro Doubles
1st – Trey Burchfield / Derrick King
5th – Brandon Corwin / Devon Harbaugh
5th – David Morse / Ashton Speas
9th – Eric Anderson / Chad Braun
13th – Adam Hissner / Cody Henderson
25th – Chuckie Love / Eli Stevens
33rd – Christine Papcke / Jimmy Youmans
33rd – Ron Kugel / Dave Kolenc

Advanced Singles
25th – Kevin Allen

Advanced Blind Draw
2nd – Jacob Beamer / Kevin Reilly

Pro Singles
2nd – Adam Hissner
3rd – Trey Burchfield
9th – Eric Anderson
17th – Chuckie Love
25th – Chad Braun

Intermediate Blind Draw
3rd – Nicole Pratt / Tim Miller

Pro Blind Draw

7th – Christine Papcke / Jamie Graham
9th – David Morse / Eric Ryder
17th – Trey Burchfield / Brandon Jones
17th – Kerry Mittermiller / Ty Lopez
25th – Chuckie Love / J Scott Collins

ACL Pro Qualifier (New ACL Pro’s)
Kevin Allen
Jacob Beamer

Special Congrats to a Few Players Who Sometimes Attend Our Events
Keith Perry
Chad Webb
Tom Walter