ACL $50,000 COBS Event Explained

I’ve received a lot of questions lately about the ACL $50,000 Championships of Bags (COBS) Event in July in North Carolina. I’m hoping this post will clear it up at least a little.

The Guaranteed $50,000 Prize Money is split across 3 main events, but there are also several other events to be held at COBS.  The $50K is split with $25,000 going into the Singles Championship pot while $12,500 goes into both the Doubles Championship and 4-Player Crew Event.

The question has been, am I allowed to play at this event? If so, what do I have to do? The bottom line is this, right now you can either buy directly into all 3 of these events (if you are an ACL member) or find a qualifier and try to win a bid into these events. I tried to summarize it all in the link below, please let me know if you still have a question.

NOTE – I was informed that singles bids can only be purchased by members with at least 100 points until June 1st.  After that they will be available to all ACL members for purchase (first come, first served).

Yes, this event will be live on ESPN3 as well! At least each championship match and much of the singles will be on ESPN3.

Also, ACL memberships are $25/person and good for a year. You can purchase a membership from me either in person or via Paypal.

Finally, the ACL Ohio State Championships will be held in Akron on June 18th. Top 2 in singles and doubles win bids to COBS!  $600 in prizes.

ACL Ohio State Championships Link

COBS Simplified

Link to COBS Full Details