Knights Hall – Roof Leaking

Just a heads up, I was informed that there are bad leaks in the roof of the Hall that are mainly affecting the kitchen and the men’s room.  So, we will still play tonight, BUT, I’m afraid we will all have to play nice and share the ladies room.  If this is a major concern for you, please call me ASAP.


League Update

Here’s a brain dump of updates I wanted to mention.

1 – the boards will be wiped down tonight (4/30) and again in 2 weeks, so they will be sliding a lot tonight

2 – the current league will finish up divisional play tonight 4/30 and next week 5/7 with the season ending tourney on 5/14

3 – I have something new planned for 5/21 for anyone who wants to come play at the Hall, but it’s optional, I’ll bring sheets explaining it tonight

4 – the next league will be at Flyers beginning on June 4th and running all of June, July and part of August, sign-ups are now being accepted, more details can be found by clicking on the link on the right

5 – board #6 tonight will have a new set of Buckeye Gameboard bags.  These COULD be the bags we use in the future, so try them out and let me know what you think


Taking a poll as a few players were asking about trophies.  So, I am considering trophies for first place teams in the league and tournament (for each division).  What would you vote for?

Would you give up $15-$20 (per team) in prize money to get a trophy? This would be for first place only in the league AND for the tournament.

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Standings Have Been Updated

Here’s the updated link

Two weeks remain and and Applesauce Boys and Those Guys had big weeks to pull into first in their divisions.  Almost every team is still in the running for either first or at least a cash paying spot.  Should be interesting!  Some very intense matches last night.

Can You Believe It’s Been Two Years Since This NEOCornhole Memory?

I’m particularly fond of this one 🙂

I Need Some Feedback

So I know I put the poll up asking if you prefer to stay indoors for the summer or move outdoors and the majority clearly voted for indoors.  However, as a concerned player/director I would like to discuss further the option of going back to Flyers (outdoors) to play in June, July and August.  My concern is this, our league is incredibly talented and also incredibly competitive.  While personally I love this, I also view this as a recipe for future disaster.  Let’s face it, there aren’t that many “Leg Sweepers” in the country, let alone in the Cleveland area that can come out of nowhere and within a year or less start competing with the top teams in our league.  Many players may come to our league for one session, realize they just can’t compete and never return.  I mean ALL of our divisions are competitive and have talented players, so you can’t just come in out of nowhere and have a place to compete.  This recipe has been shown to be true at tournaments throughout the country and I believe it could very well be true for our league.  Players try once, they can’t compete and they go back to just throwing in their back yard.   Read More…

Team of the Week – Blow It Up!

First off, congratulations to Matt and Beau, Ken and Jim, A-Maizing, Robb and Chuck, Christine and Darnell, Blow It Up, Double Penetration, Jeff and Aaron, Those Guys and PB on their “Knock Down” wins and getting 1/3 of their entry fee back.

Special congratulations to the Cleveland Cornhole team of the week – Blow It Up!  They won their “Knock Down” match over Applesauce Boys and then swept all three of their divisional matches and gained 55 points in the Power Rankings to move up to #9 overall.  Congratulations!

Matt and Beau also swept all of their matches on the night to gain 39 points in the Power Rankings to take over the #1 spot and the Ninja Warriors cracked the egg with their first match win of the year.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Knock Down round.  Please, if you have suggestions on how to improve the league, don’t hesitate to call me or just talk to me on Monday.


New Power Rankings Released

Indoors vs. Outdoors?

Just looking ahead towards the next session that will begin after Memorial Day.  The Knights Hall said we can stay there for a couple of months in the summer if desired, but I wanted to get feedback on if you prefer to stay indoors or try to find an outdoor place to play?  Apparently Flyers is no longer an option on Mondays, but there could possibly be other outdoor options.  Please vote below and if you care to share your opinion, respond below as well.

Would you prefer to stay indoors over the summer or move outdoors?

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Week 3 Schedule is Up

OK, back to the fun part of the league, the games.  The Week #3 schedule is now posted here.

New question for those of you playing in the Monday Night League.

Which Do You Prefer on Monday Nights

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