Team of the Week – Blow It Up!

First off, congratulations to Matt and Beau, Ken and Jim, A-Maizing, Robb and Chuck, Christine and Darnell, Blow It Up, Double Penetration, Jeff and Aaron, Those Guys and PB on their “Knock Down” wins and getting 1/3 of their entry fee back.

Special congratulations to the Cleveland Cornhole team of the week – Blow It Up!  They won their “Knock Down” match over Applesauce Boys and then swept all three of their divisional matches and gained 55 points in the Power Rankings to move up to #9 overall.  Congratulations!

Matt and Beau also swept all of their matches on the night to gain 39 points in the Power Rankings to take over the #1 spot and the Ninja Warriors cracked the egg with their first match win of the year.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Knock Down round.  Please, if you have suggestions on how to improve the league, don’t hesitate to call me or just talk to me on Monday.


New Power Rankings Released

Indoors vs. Outdoors?

Just looking ahead towards the next session that will begin after Memorial Day.  The Knights Hall said we can stay there for a couple of months in the summer if desired, but I wanted to get feedback on if you prefer to stay indoors or try to find an outdoor place to play?  Apparently Flyers is no longer an option on Mondays, but there could possibly be other outdoor options.  Please vote below and if you care to share your opinion, respond below as well.

Would you prefer to stay indoors over the summer or move outdoors?

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Week 3 Schedule is Up

OK, back to the fun part of the league, the games.  The Week #3 schedule is now posted here.

New question for those of you playing in the Monday Night League.

Which Do You Prefer on Monday Nights

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Addressing Player Behavior

Hello all, last night was a particularly rough night in terms of player behavior.  I personally witnessed two players throwing bags down as hard as they can either on the floor or worse, on top of the board.  I also heard of another player punching a wall.

Please note that I completely understand that many of the players in the league are very competitive and get frustrated when they’re not playing their best.  However, these actions are simply not acceptable and will be dealt with in the future.  The equipment we use is not cheap and the place we play at has the perfect set-up for cornhole and let’s us play for FREE!  We simply cannot risk losing the Hall or damaging equipment because of frustrated players.  I mean if you want to take it out on something, well, there’s always your car, or perhaps you should invest in a punching bag at home.  If you want, you can put my face on the punching bag if it helps.

So, going forward the following rules will be used.  All actions from the past two weeks will not be held against you. Read More…

Friday Night League Standings

They have been posted here.

League Standings

Standings have been updated.  If you haven’t figured it out, go to the top and go to “Leagues” – “Mondays” – “Standings”

Sorry about the humid conditions last night.  While I will be looking into trying to make the boards slide better, the bottom line is, the Hall is not going to turn on the air for us ahead of time and thus if it’s humid outside, it will be more humid inside and thus no matter what, there will be nights where the bags just aren’t going to slide.  Not much we can do about it.  Consider it a warm-up for playing outdoors all summer, lol.

Monday Night League Schedule and Rules Have Been Posted

See you tonight.



Welcome Team #21 to the Monday Night League

Alan and Kenneth Skotko have joined the league and will go by the team name of “Ninja Warriors”.  Welcome to the league!  See ya Monday.

New Monday Night Team!

Welcome Jan & Dale to the Monday night league.  This puts us at 20 teams which will change the format some.  The new schedule will probably not be out until Monday to allow for any last second teams to join.