6.11.2012 Update

As of 3:45pm the games for tonight are still on.  This will be updated by 5pm if things change.  Please note that we will play through light rain, however if it starts to rain hard we will postpone and/or cancel games for the night.  Please dress accordingly.

Week 2 Schedule

Is now posted http://clevelandcornhole.com/leagues/mondays/schedule/

As of now they are calling for rain on Monday.  If we are rained out, I will update it on the home page of this website by 5pm at the latest.

Also, I have posted the rules for this session, however, if we get a lot of rainouts the rules MAY be changed.  There is a two week “buffer” in August, so if it looks like we would have to go into September because of several rain outs, the rules will be changed so that we are done before Labor Day.

One Opening for a Competitive Division Team

If anyone knows of a team that still wants to get into the league we have one opening in the Competitive Division.  First team to sign-up gets in since the team that didn’t show last night had to drop out.  If I don’t hear of any new teams before Friday, then we will stick with 17 teams and move on.


Standings are now posted here.  We added one more social team so we have 8 and we may have lost one competitive team who didn’t show last night.  The schedule for next week will be posted later in the week once I find out if they are playing for sure or not.

Tonight’s Schedule Has Been Posted

Schedule is now posted.  If you viewed the schedule prior to 1:45pm, there have been 3 games added.  One each for Matt/Beau, Team Reschke and PB to play a team I missed.


Hamilton Warm-Up Tournament on June 20th – Singles

Several players from the area are headed to Hamilton the weekend of the 22nd, so this is a warm-up tournament for them or a fun/competitive tournament for everyone else.  This is a Singles tournament, $15/player to enter, 90% payout and TWO divisions.  The CPA is working on something new that groups players into skill levels and they have agreed to use Cleveland as a test market for these groupings.  Players grouped as “Premier” or A will play in the upper division at this event and players grouped B, C or D will play in the lower division.  However, if a B/C/D player prefers to play in the upper division they are more than welcome to do so.  Contact me with questions at clevelandcornhole@att.net

Here are all the details:

OCT Hamilton Warm Up

Deadline to Register for the Summer League is midnight this Friday June 1st!

So far we are at 17 teams, 4 of which have signed up for the Social division.  We definitely need a couple more social division teams (and have openings in the competitive division too), so spread the word!

Team Night Recap

Well, the team experiment is over as Team Strzala won in dominating fashion.

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Team Night Tonight 5/21 – Please Arrive by 6:30 or Call Me to Tell Me You’ll Be Late

Here are the players:

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Monday’s “Team” Night is Sold Out

Here is the list of players that I show as paying.  If you paid and are not on the list I need to know asap.  If you are not on the list, sorry, we are sold out so unless somebody cancels we will not have any openings on Monday.  Read More…