American Cancer Society Fundraiser Results

We had 13 teams for the Fundraiser.  8 teams in Division I and 5 teams in Division 2 and we were able to raise $700!

Special thanks to Pizza Pan for the pizza, Councilman Brancatelli for the Indians ticket donation and Quality Trophies for donating the trophies!

Here are the results:

Division I

Christine and Stacia
1st – Christine Papcke / Stacia Pugh

Shawn and Chuckie
2nd – Shawn Burns / Chuckie Love

3rd – Jeff Reynolds / Chuck Keller
4th – Mike Pfaff / Brett Lyons
5th – Dan Wolf / Beau Horky
6th – Anthony Trzaska / Mark Barilla
t-7th – Tom Loftus / Scott Coates
t-7th – Kurt Mott / Travis Mott

Division II

Robb and JJ
1st – Robb Teron / JJ Teron

New Guys
2nd – Nate Hall / Greg Hafeman

3rd – Mike Burdette / Mikey Burdette
4th – Michelle Cahill / Darnell Johnson
5th – Dave Kramer / Dan Dillinger