Recap – Razzles – Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday to support the Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser. Special thanks to Mike Pfaff for organizing it all.

13 teams competed, unfortunately we didn’t have quite enough to run a social division, so those teams were gracious enough to still compete.  The format was best 2/3 in both the winners and losers brackets and even a consolation bracket for any team losing their first two matches.  In the end the team of Jim Singer and Dave Weiser won the event over Jim Cahill and Beau Horky.

Also congratulations to Stacia Pugh on winning the Browns tickets by putting 39 consecutive bags either on the board or in the hole in the “consecutive bags” competition.

Final Results:

1st – Jim Singer / Dave Weiser
2nd – Jim Cahill / Beau Horky
3rd – Bill Sobleskie Jr / Chuck Keller
4th – Mike Pfaff / Brett Lyons
t-5th – Stacia Pugh / Ron Weiss
t-5th – Ken Allen / Bob Lehmann
t-7th – Michelle Cahill / Dan Wolf
t-7th – Terry Carr / Doug Baer
9th – Aaron Kleinpeter / Bob Oriole
10th – Ron and Paul
11th – TJ and Jim
t-12th – Rick and Larry
t-12th – Clarissa and Chris