Team Night Recap

Well, the team experiment is over as Team Strzala won in dominating fashion.

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Team Night Tonight 5/21 – Please Arrive by 6:30 or Call Me to Tell Me You’ll Be Late

Here are the players:

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Monday’s “Team” Night is Sold Out

Here is the list of players that I show as paying.  If you paid and are not on the list I need to know asap.  If you are not on the list, sorry, we are sold out so unless somebody cancels we will not have any openings on Monday.  Read More…

Spring 2012

Complete recap can be found here

Team Update and Monday

fyi – we have 17 players that have paid for the “team” tournament on 5/21.  Please see me Monday if you want to get in on that.  If I don’t have 24 players by the end of the night this Monday, then I will open it up to players outside of the league.  If I still don’t get 24 players then I guess it just become a blind draw.

Here are the players that are currently signed-up – Beau, Matt, Christine, Brian M, Stacia, Mike, Brett, Dave W, Michelle, Jim C, Brian T, Rudy, JJ, Rick C, Kurt, Travis and Ron W.

Also, the Hall will be providing food on tonight (Friday) and Monday for the tournament night!  Special thanks to the Knights of Columbus Hall for hosting our leauge the past 8 months and several years!

Monday’s Tournament Brackets are Posted


League Recap

Wow, crazy night in a lot of ways last night in the league.  Here are some of the highlights: Read More…


Couple of updates:

1 – Tonight is a go, we will finish up Divisional play tonight (5/7)

2 – Teams finishing 1st or 2nd in their division (for the league and/or tournament) will be offered the right to buy trophies using their winnings.  If you want trophies, I will take $20/team out of your winnings, purchase the trophies and return what money is left.  You will then receive the trophies at the next league session.

2 – Season ending tournament is next week (5/14), format will be double elimination, single games, higher seed in tournament is home team for all winners bracket games

3 – Team cornhole is still a go for 5/21.  So far 8 players have signed-up and paid with several others saying they will play.  This is limited to 24 players, so the first 24 to pay are in.  If we don’t have 24 players by the end of the night on 5/14, then I will open it up to non-league players to join.

See ya tonight.

Team of the Week – DP

DP (I won’t write out their name, lol) won all three of their matches this past week to get back into the race for a money spot.  Congratulations to DP and there 3-0 week and there jump in points on the power rankings.

Monday May 21st – Team Cornhole

Here’s a link to the rules for Monday May 21st assuming we get 24 players.  This one night tournament is only open to league players for now.  If by the end of the night on 5/14 we don’t have 24 players signed-up, I will open it up to non-league players.

May 21st Team Tournament

If you’re confused, well, just pay the $10 and I’ll explain it to you on the 21st, lol.  The shortened version is simple, I’ll pick 4 captains, theywill pick 5 players each, then their 6 player team will form 3 doubles teams and they’ll play 9 games against other teams.

So far 8 people have signed-up and paid (Michelle, Jim C, Matt S, Beau H, Christine P, Mike P, Brian M and Dave W).  It’s open to all players in all divisions.