Bags Update and Bags 4 Sale

As many of you know I was planning on moving to ACO bags come Fall of this year.  However, the ACO cannot even guarantee that I can get new bags by September, so, knowing that I have opted to try BG’s latest “pro” bag and see if players like them.  We will start using them for the blind draw league starting 4/15.  If players give them the thumbs up, we will most likely continue to use them in the Fall.  If not, I will keep the option of using ACO bags open starting September.  The summer leagues will most likely use bags similar to what we used last summer (also BG bags, but used ones since we will be outdoors most of the time).

Finally,  I am selling off the orange/blue bags we used in the Fall/Winter leagues.  If you are interested in a set, let me know.  I have 4 sets left and they are $25/set of 8 bags.