ACO Bags

I have ordered 20 sets of ACO bags.  They are supposed to arrive in November.  10 of those sets are for the league and if all goes well we will start using them for the Winter 2014 session (starting in January).  7 of the other 10 sets have been claimed by players.  They are $75/set and it would be appreciated if anyone that has ordered those bags can at least put $30 down as I am required to pay half now and half later.  There are still 3 sets up for grabs if anyone is interested (first come first served).

Finally, since the bags are very expensive and players have said in the past that they would donate towards purchasing ACO bags, I would appreciate it if the players would follow through on that and donate $5-10 per player (for those that are interested) towards the purchase of the new bags.  Obviously the new bags are a LOT of money so hopefully everyone enjoys them.