March Singles Results

March singles is in the books with Jeff Reynolds winning Division I over Brandon Corwin.  In Division II Christine Papcke won for the 3rd time with Darnell getting 2nd for the 3rd time.  Congrats to all of the winners.  Just one month left in the singles league!

Jeff and Brandon

Division I Results

1st – Jeff Reynolds (left in picture above)
2nd – Brandon Corwin (right in picture above)
3rd – Mike Pfaff
4th – Gary Lewis
5th – Stacia Pugh
6th – Travis Mott
7th – Chuckie Love
8th – Michelle Cahill
9th – Dan Wolf
10th – Ron Weiss
11th – Wayne Colonna
12th – JJ Teron
13th – Eddy Wochele
14th – Jim Cahill

Division II Results:

Christine and Darnell

1st – Christine Papcke (left)
2nd – Darnell Johnson (right)
3rd – Chuck Ryant
4th – Tim Haywood
5th – Chuck Nagy
6th – Dave Miller
7th – Holly Rippey
8th – Mike Burdette
9th – Jeff Ledel
10th – Sean Roth
11th – Collin Miller
12th – Josh Miller
13th – Bob Colon
14th – John Toohey
15th – Yudi Joseph