The Plan for April and May

Since we have 4 weeks (plus tonight) left in the Winter session I thought it would be a good time to share the plan for the next few months.

We will not be having a traditional doubles league for Spring this year.  Since we only have 2 months to work with and I think it’s good to mix it up a little bit instead of doing the same thing over and over, we are going to do the following in April and May with the next doubles session (Summer session) beginning on June 3rd.

*Please note that this is all subject to change as we are still in winter and could get snowed out on a Monday or have another power outage or something that would change this plan

4/1 – We are going to have a singles tournament split out by division.  I hope this becomes the new normal in that after each doubles session we will run an optional one week singles tournament split out by the divisions of the previous doubles session.  That is, if you are in Division III in the Winter session then you would play in a singles tournament against other Division III players.  Of course if you wish you can play in a higher division, but you cannot play in a lower division.  $15/player in Div I, $10/player in all other divisions (you can pay the night of the event)

4/8 – Team Night – many of you have participated in this before, only the first 32 players to pay are guaranteed a spot, we will expand it to 48 players IF AND ONLY IF we get exactly 48 to sign-up.  4 players are selected captains and draft a team of 8 (or 12) in secret, then each player gets to play NINE games (3 games on a 4-player team, 3 games as a doubles team and 3 games in singles).  This event WILL RUN until at least 11pm, so if that is an issue, please do not sign-up.  If we have 48 players, it may run past 11pm.  Also, if we only get say 39 to sign-up, then players 33-39 will be refunded their money and not be able to participate.  We had to turn players away last time, so don’t delay on registering for Team Night ($10/player), REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

4/15 – 5/20 – New Blind Draw League (by Division) – This will run for 6 weeks and again, players play in the same division that they played in during the Winter doubles league (outside players are welcome to join us and the league director will decide which division you will be placed in), but players can choose to play in a higher division if they wish.  Each week you will play 4-6 games, each time you are given a random partner and a random opponent.  Each player keeps their record individually even though games are played as doubles games.  At the end of each night the top 4 players in each division will play for the nightly title and a small cash prize.  Top players after 5 weeks (based on record) will earn cash prizes.  Then week #6 will be the session ending tournament.  Each division must have at least 8 players registered or that division will be canceled (players will then be given the option to play in the next higher division or be refunded their money).  It will probably be $30/player total for the 6 weeks of play in Div I and $20/player in all other divisions which covers the entire 6 weeks of play.

5/27 – Memorial Day – No Cornhole

6/3 – Summer Doubles League Begins (location TBD)