Summer League Players – Please Read

Welcome to the Monday night cornhole league at Agostino’s in Brooklyn!

For those of you who have not paid yet, the cost is $90/team (you get $20 back at the end of the session if you do not forfeit any games or have to have games rescheduled after the schedule is posted each week).  If you still owe, PLEASE BRING THE MONEY ON (or before) OPENING NIGHT!  All new teams to the league are required to pay in advance. Contact me to determine the best way to pay.

The first night of the league is Monday June 6thThe schedule for the 6th will be posted on no later than noon on June 6th (but hopefully before then).  Games will start around 6:30pm (shortly after reviewing some rules).

While the final rules for summer are not yet complete, you can review the rules from the Winter league to get a feel for how the league runs.  Some rules around divisions and such will change, but this gives you a basic idea of how it’s going to work.

*** If you know you will be unable to play on a Monday during the season (set to run 10-11 weeks, but subject to change), please let me know BEFORE June 3rd and I can rearrange the schedule so that you do not have any games that night.  Each team may request ONE Monday off during the season. If you do not let me know BEFORE the season, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to rearrange the schedule later on.  You may also bring a substitute player if you like (player must be of similar skill level (or worse) as the player they are subbing for).  This is all done to help avoid forfeits.  Forfeits simply make the league less fun and thus they are frowned upon by Cleveland Cornhole…

Finally, the top division of the league will be formed ahead of time.  The teams currently in the top division are shown below.  If you want to participate in the top division, please let me know before Friday.  All other teams will play round robin over the first 4 weeks.  That is, you will play every single team (that did not enter the top division) one game each over 4 weeks.  After that we will split the league into divisions based on those standings.  From that point forward you will only play teams within your division.  Top teams in each division will win trophies and cash prizes. The final week of the season is the playoffs.  ALL teams make the playoffs.

Questions?  Email me back, or text/call me at 440-570-5701


Division I teams as of 5.31.2016

Christine and Travis

Matt and Beau

MC Hammered

Safety Bob and Eli

Sean and Ken

And hopefully a Ken Allen team and maybe one more