General League Rules

Entry Fees: $120/team for the entire session (teams are teams of two, but you are allowed a sub who is similar or less in talent than the player they are replacing).

Days Off: Each team may request one week off if provided by 9/7.

Divisions: For Fall 2019 Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be formed ahead of time. All other teams will play “Round Robin” over the first 3-4 weeks of the session. Based on standings those teams will then form divisions 5, 6 and 7.

Games and Times – A schedule is made in advance each week for all teams.  Teams will typically play 5-8 games per night with the schedule starting at 6:30pm and hopefully done by 9:30pm. This league will run 16 sets of boards at a time. As a game ends the next game on the schedule is called.

Season Ending Tournament/Playoffs: The last week of each season will be a Double elimination, single game tournament for all divisions. ALL teams make the playoffs and are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games that night. Teams winning their division during the regular season are required to move up to the next highest division for the playoffs where they become the lowest seed in that bracket.

Prizes: At the end of the regular season the top 3 teams in each division typically win money and the top 2 teams receive a trophy. During the playoffs the top 4 teams in each division win cash and the winning team in each division wins a trophy (subject to change).

Forfeits – 3 Strikes and You’re Out: Nobody likes a forfeit, but sometimes emergencies happen. At the very least if you know you can’t make a night please email/call/text me to let me know. Forfeits will almost always result in the team losing all scheduled games for that night. Also, once you forfeit 2 nights you are put on warning that if you forfeit a 3rd time you will automatically be removed from the league.

Remaining League Rules

–         Should a team forfeit during round robin play, the league director holds the right to move them up into a higher division for division play should he feel that’s where the forfeiting team belongs.

–         Reschedules – any teams rescheduling without advance notice will be charged a $10 reschedule fee (if the reschedule is allowed at all, in most cases reschedules will NOT be allowed).

More Details:

–         No refunds will be offered for any team. If you are signed up you are expected to pay the entry fee even if you have to withdraw from the league.

–         There will be home teams assigned to each game.  This will give the home team their choice of bags, who goes first, and which side of the board their players would like to pitch from. The first team called to the boards is the home team.

–          Teammates must pitch directly across from each other, NOT diagonal from each other.

–          Full innings will be played in each game.  An inning consists of both players on both teams throwing 4 bags.  Cancellation scoring will be used.  Once a team reaches 21 points OR MORE, they have won the game.

–          Teams finishing higher in divisional play will be the home team in the season ending tournament for all games EXCEPT the finals. The team that is undefeated in the finals is home team the 1st game. Should there be a 2nd game then the higher seed is home the 2nd game.

–          League commissioner reserves the right to re-schedule games at any time for any reason, including teams arriving late based on extreme circumstances. (weather, emergencies etc…)

–          Subs may be used at any time, but subs should be of a similar skill level (or worse) than the player they are replacing.  This will be strictly enforced for the season ending tournament.  If a sub is needed for the season ending tournament you should discuss it with the league director before hand. If a player who is going to miss is listed in the “Player Rankings”, you may not replace that player with anyone listed higher than them in the rankings.

–          Appropriate conduct will be strictly enforced!  Please review this rule carefully. Foul language is not necessary and needs to be kept in check. Throwing bags out of anger, hitting boards, punching walls may be cause for dismissal and the player may be suspended for their actions. Cleveland Cornhole holds the right to suspend any player for any amount of time due to inappropriate conduct.  Any damage to the cornhole equipment or to the host establishment itself will be paid for by the player causing the damage.  If you are removed or asked to leave from any host site for any reason you will be removed from that specific league with no refund and most likely a significant suspension from all future Cleveland Cornhole leagues and events. PHYSICAL VIOLENCE WILL MEAN IMMEDIATE EJECTION FROM THE LEAGUE!  Physical violence will never be tolerated.  Along with that, threats of violence are also not acceptable, you may get a warning for threats, but no warnings for actual violence.  Misconduct such as throwing bags down, kicking boards/walls and/or punching walls will be dealt with as follows.  Any actions worse than those listed will most likely result in immediate suspension from the league.

First Offense – verbal warning

Second Offense – forfeiture of current game (or next game should the action come after completing a game or while between games)

Third Offense – ejection from the league

–          Please do not bring any outside beverages to any Cleveland Cornhole Leagues or Tournaments. We are using most of our host establishments at little to no cost. Food and beverages are sold within the host establishment and they have requested that no outside food or beverage be brought in.  We take great pride in our relationships with our hosts, and feel it is our duty as a league to support their businesses.

–          If a player desires to make a protest or there is a dispute with a foul, the players are to discuss the issue in a civil manner to determine the outcome of the issue.  If an agreement or decision cannot be made, the protesting team captain will ask the league director who will make a final decision.  PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL A GAME IS OVER TO BRING UP ANY ISSUES!  If there is an issue in the middle of a game that cannot be resolved by the players, find the league director immediately to discuss.

–          The final schedule along with standings for each specific league for all teams will be posted online at   All teams are responsible for obtaining their own start times.  Please do not email, text or call asking what time your team plays.  You are responsible for your own team. If there is an issue with the standings please let me know as soon as possible so that I can get it corrected.

–          League Director:  Dave Weiser – 440.570.5701 –