Monday June 6th

We had a team join late, so schedule won’t be done until Monday (hopefully by noon).  For the first night we will definitely be indoors as they have yet to put the lights up outside… Plus it’s supposed to be cool with a chance of rain.

Boards will be set-up by 5:45pm for warm-ups if you want to come early.  At 6:25pm we will review some rules and games will start at 6:30pm.

Division I teams (7 teams) will play two halves for the season. The first 5 weeks will be the first half and the last 5 weeks will be the second half.  Non-D1 teams will play every other team one game each over the first 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks those teams will be split into 4-5 divisions based on record. Weeks 5-10 you will play teams within your division and finally week 11 will be the playoffs.  ALL teams make the playoffs.  Teams that win their division are required to move up one division for the playoffs.

To see the schedule (once it’s posted) go to Mondays/Schedule.