Fall Session, Please Read

The Fall Cornhole league will again be held at the American Legion Hall in Fairview Park on Monday nights.  The Legion has been a great host and we are glad to continue to play there.  The only real concern is that there is a CHANCE that our league will grow again over the 42 teams we had in the winter.  That’s obviously not a guarantee, but it could happen.  My thought is that we can take more teams IF teams/players are ok with taking off roughly 1 out of every 4/5 weeks.  This would give players a little break during the season and would make it so that the teams that are there each night get to play more, sit less and not have to deal with fighting for a place to sit (or at least not as much).

So, I’m thinking of capping the entries at 48 teams for Fall, but I’m looking for feedback.  Please email me, text me, call me or see me in person with any concerns with this approach.  In theory perhaps 12 teams are off each week and the other 36 teams play (if we should happen to sell out).

Finally, the start date for the league is currently not known.  I had originally planned to start on Monday 9/9, but due to my back issues I am holding off on finalizing the date right now until I learn more, so stay tuned.  If you have not already registered for Cleveland Cornhole emails, please do so on the right of this page as those that are registered will get the first email about Fall League registration.