Single Games vs. 2-Game Matches – Please Read and Vote

For future reference I just wanted to take a quick poll of what the players preferred.  In the past once we started Division play you would play each team in “2-game matches”.  Meaning simply that you played the same team back to back with the losing team of game one having to switch ends.  Some players prefer this as you can get into more of a rythm and also having to walk when you lose adds an additional challenge.

The downside to this is while you get to play twice as long when your match is started, that means you have to sit twice as long when you’re not playing.  So basically take the longest wait you’ve had to have so far and double it.  Sure sometimes the wait goes from 15 minutes to 30 minutes which is no big deal, but also there are times when you’ve had to sit 45 minutes which would now be 90 minutes.  Along with this is that Monday evenings would have to go longer.  Instead of ending by 9:45/10pm, we would be ending more like 11pm.  It also makes the schedule much less flexible to have matches instead of games, but that can be worked around if necessary.

As a player I was perfectly ok with 2 game matches and playing until 11pm, however with the growth I’m curious what not only the league “veterans” would like but also the newer players.  So please take a 2nd and vote below.  The voting will be taken into consideration for future leagues.  Thanks.

As a league player, which do you prefer?

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