Thursday Schedule

Schedule for Week #2 – 4.19.2018

Reminder – No Cornhole on May 3rd!

Again, please be ready when your game is called. Also, the first 3-4 weeks have a heavier schedule to try and get through Round Robin faster and players into their correct divisions. I know many of you are used to us finishing by 9:15/9:30pm, but these next couple of weeks will still go past 10pm potentially (like the old days, lol). If you are willing to play a 6pm game I can try and get you out earlier.

Other Notes:
Premier/D1/D2/D3 will have two halves to their season.  Premier/D1/D2 will play 4 weeks for the first half, then 3 weeks for the second half.  D3’s first half is “Round Robin”. If you finish Round Robin with the best record you are placed into D3 and you are named the “1st Half Winner” of D3.

Premier/D1/D2/D3 – 1st half winner will play the 2nd half winner at the end of the night on 5/31 in a best 2/3 match. Winner of that match is named the division champion. Loser of that match is the 2nd place finisher in that division. If the same player wins both halves they are automatically the division champion and 2nd place down is determined by OVERALL record. If you win your division you have to move up to the next highest division for the playoffs on 6/7.

D4-D6 will have 4 weeks of league play after round robin is complete. Whomever ends those 4 weeks with the best record is the division champion (note that records are wiped clean after round robin and everyone starts again at 0-0)

Div Teams Games
P Chad Braun 7
P Christine Papcke 7
P Dave Reschke 7
P Eric Anderson 7
P Ken Allen 7
P Ken Schaef 7
P Kevin Allen 7
P Mike Bechtel 7
P Mike Pfaff 7
P Trey Burchfield 7
1 Alan Skotko 7
1 Drew Thomas 7
1 Felix Rodgers 7
1 George Mendek 7
1 James Reschke 7
1 Mike Burdette 9
1 Rob Miller 7
1 Rob Smith 7
1 Ron Weiss 7
1 Shaun Burchfield 7
2 Bill Hilbish 7
2 Chris Schneider 7
2 Dawn Rodgers 7
2 Emanuel Marrero 6
2 Heather Hentosz 6
2 JJ Teron 0
2 Mikey Burdette 6
2 Nicole Kountz 7
2 Sandie Prinkey 7
2 Tim Allen 7
RR Billy Daley 7
RR Bobby Sabo 7
RR Dan Dillinger 7
RR Dave Kramer 8
RR Deb Gray 7
RR Deb Mendek 8
RR Denise Verhosek 7
RR Don Gray 8
RR Earl Locklear 7
RR Ed Reyes 7
RR Jason Sloan 8
RR Jeff Evans 7
RR Jeff Schneider Jr. 7
RR Jeff Schneider Sr. 7
RR Jeremy Hostetler 7
RR Jerry Gugliotta 7
RR Jim Crago 0
RR John Prinkey 7
RR Keith Burtt 7
RR Ken Rocco 7
RR Ryan Jackson 7
RR Ryan Verhosek 7
RR Tommy Mathews 8
RR Valerie Harper 7
Total 368
Home  Away Approx Time  Date
Ken Rocco Jerry Gugliotta 6:00 PM 4/19/2018
Chris Schneider Sandie Prinkey 6:30 PM
Heather Hentosz Mikey Burdette
George Mendek Mike Burdette
Ken Allen Ken Schaef
Chad Braun Trey Burchfield
Christine Papcke Mike Pfaff
Dave Reschke Mike Bechtel
Eric Anderson Kevin Allen
Jason Sloan Ken Rocco
Deb Gray Dan Dillinger
Tommy Mathews Keith Burtt
Ed Reyes Jeff Schneider Jr.
Don Gray Jerry Gugliotta
Jeff Evans John Prinkey
Bill Hilbish Nicole Kountz 6:45 PM
Dawn Rodgers Tim Allen
Billy Daley Dave Kramer
Alan Skotko Rob Smith
Drew Thomas Ron Weiss
Felix Rodgers Shaun Burchfield
Denise Verhosek Valerie Harper
Earl Locklear Ryan Verhosek
Emanuel Marrero Heather Hentosz
Jeff Schneider Sr. Jeremy Hostetler
Deb Mendek Bobby Sabo
Mike Burdette Rob Miller
George Mendek James Reschke
Ed Reyes Ryan Jackson
Don Gray Tommy Mathews 7:00 PM
Jason Sloan Deb Gray
Mike Pfaff Dave Reschke
Trey Burchfield Christine Papcke
Sandie Prinkey Dawn Rodgers
Nicole Kountz Chris Schneider
Jeff Evans Dave Kramer
Chad Braun Ken Schaef
Kevin Allen Ken Allen
Mike Bechtel Eric Anderson
Jerry Gugliotta Keith Burtt
Felix Rodgers Drew Thomas
Jeff Schneider Jr. Jeff Schneider Sr.
Earl Locklear Ken Rocco
Mikey Burdette Bill Hilbish 7:15 PM
Dan Dillinger Billy Daley
Ed Reyes John Prinkey
Shaun Burchfield Rob Smith
James Reschke Rob Miller
Ron Weiss Mike Burdette
George Mendek Alan Skotko
Tim Allen Emanuel Marrero
Sandie Prinkey Chris Schneider
Deb Mendek Tommy Mathews
Dave Kramer Bobby Sabo
Deb Gray Valerie Harper
Denise Verhosek Ryan Verhosek
Don Gray Ryan Jackson
Jeff Evans Jeremy Hostetler 7:30 PM
Nicole Kountz Heather Hentosz
Chad Braun Christine Papcke
Trey Burchfield Dave Reschke
Mike Pfaff Eric Anderson
Jeff Schneider Jr. Jason Sloan
Mike Bechtel Ken Allen
Kevin Allen Ken Schaef
Sandie Prinkey Tim Allen
Mikey Burdette Emanuel Marrero
Bill Hilbish Dawn Rodgers
Keith Burtt John Prinkey
Rob Smith Drew Thomas
Rob Miller Alan Skotko
Tommy Mathews Dan Dillinger 7:45 PM
Mike Burdette James Reschke
Shaun Burchfield George Mendek
Ron Weiss Felix Rodgers
Ryan Verhosek Dave Kramer
Billy Daley Jeff Evans
Ken Rocco Deb Mendek
Jeff Schneider Sr. Ed Reyes
Ryan Jackson Deb Gray
Valerie Harper Bobby Sabo
John Prinkey Denise Verhosek
Keith Burtt Don Gray
Jerry Gugliotta Jason Sloan
Jeremy Hostetler Earl Locklear
Tim Allen Heather Hentosz 8:05 PM
Dave Reschke Christine Papcke
Kevin Allen Chad Braun
Ken Schaef Mike Bechtel
Ken Allen Mike Pfaff
Eric Anderson Trey Burchfield
Dave Kramer Tommy Mathews
Mike Burdette Alan Skotko
Rob Smith Felix Rodgers
Mikey Burdette Chris Schneider
Nicole Kountz Dawn Rodgers
Sandie Prinkey Emanuel Marrero
Rob Miller Drew Thomas
Deb Mendek Ryan Jackson
Jeff Evans Jeff Schneider Jr. 8:20 PM
Jason Sloan Jeff Schneider Sr.
Don Gray John Prinkey
Ron Weiss George Mendek
Shaun Burchfield James Reschke
Bill Hilbish Tim Allen
Billy Daley Bobby Sabo
Dan Dillinger Valerie Harper
Deb Gray Ryan Verhosek
Denise Verhosek Ken Rocco
Ed Reyes Jeremy Hostetler
Ryan Jackson Earl Locklear
Jerry Gugliotta Tommy Mathews
Felix Rodgers Mike Burdette
Ken Schaef Trey Burchfield 8:35 PM
Ken Allen Christine Papcke
Eric Anderson Dave Reschke
Mike Bechtel Chad Braun
Kevin Allen Mike Pfaff
Dawn Rodgers Mikey Burdette
Jason Sloan Keith Burtt
Don Gray Deb Mendek
Chris Schneider Bill Hilbish
Rob Smith James Reschke
Ron Weiss Shaun Burchfield
Rob Miller George Mendek
Emanuel Marrero Nicole Kountz
Denise Verhosek Billy Daley
Earl Locklear Deb Gray 8:50 PM
Ed Reyes Dave Kramer
Jason Sloan Dan Dillinger
Mike Burdette Drew Thomas
Alan Skotko Felix Rodgers
Heather Hentosz Sandie Prinkey
Jeff Evans Bobby Sabo
Jeff Schneider Jr. Valerie Harper
Jeff Schneider Sr. Tommy Mathews
Jeremy Hostetler Ryan Verhosek
John Prinkey Ken Rocco
Keith Burtt Ryan Jackson
Deb Mendek Jerry Gugliotta
Tim Allen Chris Schneider
Dave Reschke Ken Allen 9:05 PM
Christine Papcke Ken Schaef
Emanuel Marrero Bill Hilbish
Trey Burchfield Kevin Allen
Mike Pfaff Mike Bechtel
Chad Braun Eric Anderson
Nicole Kountz Mikey Burdette
Heather Hentosz Dawn Rodgers
Valerie Harper Dave Kramer
Drew Thomas Alan Skotko
Shaun Burchfield Mike Burdette
James Reschke Ron Weiss
George Mendek Rob Smith
Felix Rodgers Rob Miller
Jeff Schneider Jr. Billy Daley 9:20 PM
Jeff Schneider Sr. Jeff Evans
Jeremy Hostetler Jason Sloan
John Prinkey Earl Locklear
Ken Rocco Don Gray
Ryan Jackson Denise Verhosek
Tommy Mathews Deb Gray
Bobby Sabo Dan Dillinger
Ed Reyes Deb Mendek
Dave Kramer Jerry Gugliotta
Ryan Verhosek Keith Burtt
Sandie Prinkey Bill Hilbish
Trey Burchfield Ken Allen
Mike Pfaff Ken Schaef
Mike Bechtel Kevin Allen 9:35 PM
Chad Braun Dave Reschke
Christine Papcke Eric Anderson
Dawn Rodgers Chris Schneider
Tim Allen Nicole Kountz
Alan Skotko Shaun Burchfield
Rob Miller James Reschke
Ron Weiss Drew Thomas
Mike Burdette Rob Smith
Billy Daley Don Gray
Earl Locklear Denise Verhosek
Ryan Verhosek Deb Mendek
Jeff Schneider Jr. Dan Dillinger
Jeff Schneider Sr. Bobby Sabo
Jeremy Hostetler Valerie Harper 9:50 PM