Thursday Schedule

Schedule for Week #4 – 10.19.2017

1A-aron and K-Dog642
1Christine and Dave835
1Fire in the Hole853
1Kerry and Eli624
1Mike and Beau853
1The Bomb Squad633
1The Leg Creepers000
2Alan and Mike523
2Amateur Corn Stars734
2BG Boards743
2Big Trouble & Little China835
2Hot and Cold633
2Nicole and James642
2Wrong Hole633
3Beer Masters734
3Bobby and Jeremy633
3Bozo Buckets642
3Frequent Flyers734
3Blues Brothers734
3The Goombahs734
3Together Again743
4Claudia and Deb743
4Corny Couple734
4Emily and Kim734
4Practice Your Airmail844
4Tom and Dave734
4Valerie and Emanuel743
Home AwayOtherApprox Time Date
A-aron and K-DogFire in the Hole6:30 PM10/19/2017
BurchfieldChristine and Dave
Mike and BeauThe Bomb Squad
BG BoardsNicole and James
RodgersAmateur Corn Stars
Wrong HoleAlan and Mike
Big Trouble & Little ChinaKerry and Eli
Beer MastersEmily and Kim
Blues BrothersTom and Dave
The GoombahsValerie and Emanuel
Frequent FlyersSchneider6:45 PM
TMNTClaudia and Deb
Fire in the HoleAmateur Corn Stars
Together AgainCorny Couple
Bozo BucketsPractice Your Airmail
BurchfieldWrong Hole
Mike and BeauBig Trouble & Little China
Christine and DaveAlan and Mike
Emily and KimBobby and Jeremy
A-aron and K-DogRodgers7:00 PM
Kerry and EliBG Boards
Nicole and JamesThe Bomb Squad
SchneiderBlues Brothers
Tom and DaveThe Goombahs
Practice Your AirmailFrequent Flyers
BurchfieldFire in the Hole
Valerie and EmanuelTMNT
Claudia and DebTogether Again
Mike and BeauA-aron and K-Dog7:15 PM
Bozo BucketsThe Goombahs
The Bomb SquadChristine and Dave
Corny CoupleBeer Masters
Wrong HoleBig Trouble & Little China
Bobby and JeremyBlues Brothers
Amateur Corn StarsNicole and James
BG BoardsRodgers
Kerry and EliBurchfield
Emily and KimSchneider7:30 PM
Hot and ColdAlan and Mike
Practice Your AirmailTom and Dave
Claudia and DebValerie and Emanuel
Together AgainBeer Masters
Frequent FlyersBlues Brothers
TMNTBobby and Jeremy
Fire in the HoleChristine and Dave
Mike and BeauKerry and Eli
SchneiderCorny Couple7:45 PM
Big Trouble & Little ChinaBG Boards
A-aron and K-DogThe Bomb Squad
Alan and MikeAmateur Corn Stars
Nicole and JamesHot and Cold
RodgersWrong Hole
Tom and DaveEmily and Kim
Beer MastersFrequent Flyers
Bobby and JeremyBozo Buckets
The GoombahsTMNT8:00 PM
Christine and DaveMike and Beau
Valerie and EmanuelPractice Your Airmail
Blues BrothersTogether Again
Fire in the HoleKerry and Eli
The Bomb SquadBurchfield
Corny CoupleClaudia and Deb
Alan and MikeBig Trouble & Little China
Amateur Corn StarsBG Boards
Nicole and JamesRodgers8:15 PM
Hot and ColdWrong Hole
Practice Your AirmailEmily and Kim
A-aron and K-DogChristine and Dave
Tom and DaveSchneider
TMNTBeer Masters
Together AgainBobby and Jeremy
Bozo BucketsBlues Brothers
Frequent FlyersThe Goombahs
Mike and BeauBurchfield8:30 PM
The Bomb SquadHot and Cold
Fire in the HoleBig Trouble & Little China
Claudia and DebEmily and Kim
Corny CouplePractice Your Airmail
SchneiderValerie and Emanuel
Beer MastersBozo Buckets
Christine and DaveKerry and Eli
Together AgainThe Goombahs
Blues BrothersTMNT8:45 PM
Fire in the HoleMike and Beau
Big Trouble & Little ChinaAmateur Corn Stars
Practice Your AirmailClaudia and Deb
Bobby and JeremyFrequent Flyers
Valerie and EmanuelTom and Dave
Emily and KimCorny Couple
BG BoardsHot and Cold
Bozo BucketsTogether Again
The GoombahsBeer Masters9:00 PM
TMNTFrequent Flyers
SchneiderPractice Your Airmail
Wrong HoleA-aron and K-Dog
Valerie and EmanuelCorny Couple
Claudia and DebTom and Dave
Nicole and JamesBig Trouble & Little China
Amateur Corn StarsChristine and Dave
BG BoardsFire in the Hole
Hot and ColdMike and Beau9:15 PM