Fall Rules

Here is a link to the Fall Rules.  Please review and let me know if you have questions.

2012 Fall Rules

HORSE Results

Congratulations to John Toohey who outlasted 21 other players to win the first ever HORSE competition!

Did you like the HORSE event? Knowing that it could be changed/shortened if done again in the future

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New Singles League Forming (Read and Vote)

Hello all, I am working on setting up a new singles league for cornhole players.  The league will not be like our Monday night doubles league, instead this league will meet just one time a month on Friday nights.  Most likely we would play one night in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr and that would be it. Read More…

First Ever Cornhole HORSE Tournament – Next Monday After League Play

We’re going to try something new next Monday 9/24 after ALL league games have finished.  It’s totally optional, you certainly don’t have to enter if you prefer not to.

The cost will be $5/person.  This is an individual event, not a team event. Read More…

Tonight’s Schedule

Howie and Joe cannot play tonight.  Those games will be moved over the last 3 weeks of play.

fyi – if you are unavailable to play over the next 3 weeks and have not already told me, you will have to forfeit those games as there won’t be enough time to make them up.  So anyone cancelling last second on 9/24, 10/1 or 10/8 will have to forfeit.  Please note that substitutes are allowed for all games except tournament games.  I am no longer going to allow first time subs to play in the season ending tournament.  All players playing in the season ending tournament must have played at least once during the season for the team they are subbing for in the tournament.


Standings Updated

For those of you new to the league you can find the standings by going to Leagues – Mondays – Standings above. I will put them in a better format later today.

For those of you who might have struggled last night, remember, after 5 weeks you will only play teams in your division for the remainder of the session.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions. Otherwise, see you next Monday.

New League Starts Tonight!

First off, the schedule for tonight is done.  You can view it by going to the top and clicking on Leagues – Mondays – Schedule.  All games during round robin play (which will be the first 5 weeks of the session) are SINGLE games.  No best 2/3 and no 2 game matches.  Everyone should play either 6 or 7 games each week unless you requested a week off in which case you will play more.

We will have a brief review of how the league will go this session as well as on the rules around 6:25pm tonight.

Please keep in mind that this is the biggest indoor league that I have ever had and we will have a lot of people there tonight.  I’m sure tonight will be a bit chaotic, but it should improve each week.  If you get their early to warm-up (should be set-up by 5:45pm or earlier) you are more than welcome to do so, but please note that a lot of people may be waiting to get on a board to warm-up, so please be kind to your fellow cornhole player and share or maybe rotate a spot with someone else.  Theoretically when all teams are there we have 64 people and 32 spots to warm-up.  If everyone just rotated in with their partner on a spot then we wouldn’t have any issues.

OK, see you tonight!  If you haven’t paid your entry you MUST bring the money tonight.   Thank you.

2012 Summer Summary


Fall Session Starts Next Monday!

Friday night at midnight is the deadline to register for the next session.  29 teams are in as of Tuesday night.  Here is a list of teams  LINK

Team Night #2 Results

 Team Weiser wins team night.

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