Schedule Updated

If you looked at the schedule prior to 10:30am today, 10/29, it has changed.  Mostly minor changes, but Vicious and Delicious cannot play tonight so changes were made.

Today’s Schedule

Singles – Save $5 Extended Thru Monday 10/29

Anyone who has not paid their singles entry, I have extended the deadline to get into the league for just $20 thru 10/29.  So pay on or before Monday 10/29 and you will get into the league for $20.  If you wait until opening night (11/2), it will be $25.

So far we have almost 20 players in Div I and 10 players in Div II that have said they are in for the league.  I’m hoping those numbers could get to 25 and 15 come opening night, so it should be fun!   Don’t miss out!


The 9th Set

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Singles League Night #1

Singles league night #1 will feature “pool” play followed by a double elimination, single game tournament.  This means that all players are guaranteed at least 5 games and probably more.

League Night #1

Shirt Orders – Please Review

Shirts will not be ordered until after next week, so you can still change them if you like. Please click on the link below and review the current orders to see if it’s correct. Let me know of any corrections.

Also a couple of players asked if they can get their names on the back, the answer is yes, it’s an additional $4. If you want to do that, let me know.

Finally, I have a rather large magazine of other shirt options.  I know Stacia, maybe Becky and Christine might order something other than a t-shirt.  You can do that as well, but you must review it on Monday and place the order as I’m ordering stuff next week for sure.

Shirt Orders


Tonight we are starting something new, we are going to track how many 4-baggers each player makes.  Every time you make a 4-bagger you will be entered into a drawing at the end of the year for a prize (TBD).  That means if you make even one 4-bagger for the rest of the session you could win the prize.

If you make a 4-bagger, after the match you can go up to where I typically sit and write your name down (multiple times if you make multiple 4-baggers).  It’s on the honor system, but anyone that is clearly cheating will be eliminated from the contest.


The “9th” Set

In an effort to continually make the league better I am going to try adding a 9th set of boards this coming Monday.  The 9th set of boards will mean less down time for players and shorter nights.  Without the 9th set of boards I would have to schedule at least a few 10pm matches and I don’t think most players want that.  I prefer to have a schedule where the last matches of the night are set to start around 9:30pm so that we can try and be done by 10pm or shortly after.

So, Monday we will give it a shot.  If it doesn’t work out, we will go back to 8 boards after that.  I believe the 9th set should fit comfortably, but it means the door that connects the hall to the bar will have to be blocked off so that people can’t come and go through there and interrupt the game that is in progress.  The door will be left open, but blocked.


Plaque and Shirts (Pink is now an option!)

I will continue to take any donations for the plaque as well as shirt orders next week 10/15.  After that the order for shirts will be placed so if you haven’t ordered a shirt you may not get one for a while.  Also, I was asked if we can get the shirt in pink and the answer is yes.  So if you want a pink shirt either email me or see me next week.

Also remember that you can save $5 on the singles league by paying your entry fee prior to 10/28.  It appears that we will be having 2 divisions.  if you have questions just let me know.


Introducing the Bob Dalton Award & Memorial Plaque

For those of you that are new to the league you may never have met Bob Dalton.  Bob Dalton, who recently passed away, played in our league for many years.  Bob was not only a great player and great competitor, but more importantly a great person.  In order to honor Bob we are purchasing a plaque for the league and will etch the winner’s of the “Bob Dalton Award” once per session.  Bob was a Division I player and a top competitor who has won that tournament so we felt a good way to honor his memory, would be to award the Division I tournament winners each session.

The first names that will be etched on the plaque, however, will be Michelle and Jim Cahill.  Michelle and Jim were the founders of our league back in the mid-late 2000’s under the name NEOCornhole and ran the league all the way up to early this year, 2012.  They did an amazing job growing the league, and made many sacrifices to help the league be what it is today.  Without them, most of us would have never met Bob and may not be playing cornhole today.

So, for those of you who knew Bob and would like to donate to the purchase of this plaque to honor him, please see me tonight.  Any donation would be great.  If you didn’t know Bob and still want to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated as well.  I will also work with the American Legion Hall to see if they will let us hang it up.  If not, then I will be sure that it makes an appearance each and every session at the league tournament night.



New Shirts?

Should I order some of these shirts?  You would have to pre-order them, $8/shirt and add $2 for XXL.

Should we order these shirts?

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