12.08.2014 – Handicapped Singles Results

We experimented with trying a version of handicapping on Monday night.  Some players liked it, some probably didn’t, but we gave it a shot.  At the end we did have a mix of players that finished in the money.  Here are the results.

Ken and Bob

1st – Ken Allen (left)
2nd – Bob Williams (right)
3rd – Beau Horky
4th – Ron Weiss
t-5th – Jim Cahill
t-5th – Sean Roth
t-7th – Mike Pfaff
t-7th – Brett Lyons
t-9th – Craig Becker
t-9th – Christine Papcke
t-9th – Wayne Colonna
t-9th – Alan Skotko
t-13th – Dave Abruzzino
t-13th – Stacia Pugh
t-13th – Bob Adams
t-13th – Marcus Patrick
t-17th – Mike Stallard
t-17th – Josh Miller
t-17th – Collin Miller
t-17th – Chad Braun
t-17th – Yudi Joseph
t-17th – Dan Wolf
t-17th – Michelle Cahill
t-17th – Earl Locklear
t-25th – Sandie Prinkey
t-25th – Jeep Joseph
t-25th – Paul Novak
t-25th – Ed Opett
t-25th – John Prinkey