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Currently for our leagues we keep a running tally of wins and losses and whichever team has the most wins is the division champion.

Another option is to split the league into two halves. The first 4-5 weeks of a league session being the first half and the second 4-5 weeks being the second half. After the first half is over the team in each division with the best record is the “1st Half Winner”. Then all win/loss records are reset to 0-0 and we play the second half. If the same team wins both halves then they are crowned the division champion. If a different team wins the second half then the two half winners play best 2 out of 3 games to determine the division champion. Loser of this match is awarded 2nd place.

The main advantage of two halves is every team gets a “second chance” in case you get off to a slow start to the season. The downside is there is a chance that a team could end up with the best overall record, but not win either half and therefore finish 3rd in the league. This is uncommon, but could and has happened in prior years.

With all that said, which option do you prefer? Note that no matter what the vote is, we will continue with the best overall record approach for the winter leagues that start next week. If players vote to use the “two half” approach we will consider implementing that for the next league session.

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