West Side League Players

West Side league players, the current doubles session is scheduled to end on 3/10.  Since 3/17 is St.Patrick’s day I will not schedule anything that week (unless players want to just throw something together), so the next league session would begin on 3/24.  The Spring session is shorter (9 weeks) and I like to change it up a little for Spring, so there a couple of options.

1 – we run a 9 week singles league (no partners) with multiple divisions

2 – we run a blind draw league like we did last Spring.  Each night you play probably 5 games and get a random partner and random opponent for each game (we would again have 2 divisions).  Records would be kept individually and there would be a nightly champion just like last year and an overall champion at the end of the 9 weeks.

Please vote below as to what you prefer:

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Note that doubles will return for the Summer league that is scheduled to start on 6/2.