2019 ACL National #4 – Uncasville, CT – Top NE Ohio Performers!

We had over 400 players and gave out over $70,000 in prizes at this one. Plus NE Ohio was well represented on ESPN2 with Brandon and Trey on BOTH broadcasts and their Pro Invitational win!

Here are all of our players that cashed in their events. If your name is listed below make sure to contact the ACL to collect your winnings!

Women’s Doubles (25 Teams)
2nd – Christine Papcke / Stacia Pugh
t-5th – Kerry Mittermiller and her partner Brittany Emge
t-9th – Dawn Rodgers / Sue Bernheisal

Senior Doubles (13 Teams)
t-3rd – Ken Schaef / Chuckie Love
t-3rd – Alan Skotko (and partner Doug Cloud)

Crew Cup (59 Teams)
1st – Trey Burchfield, Brandon Corwin (with Dave Sutton, Isidro Herrera)

Pro Doubles (43 Teams)
t-3rd – Trey Burchfield / Brandon Corwin
t-9th – Chad Braun / Eric Anderson
t-9th – Chuckie Love / Stacia Pugh
t-13th – Adam Hissner (with Cody Henderson)
t-13th – Mike Bechtel (with Matt Hall)

Advanced Singles (169 players)
t-9th – Adam Hissner
t-13th – Chuckie Love
t-17th – Ken Schaef
t-17th – Trey Burchfield

Advanced Doubles (93 teams)
t-5th – Eli Stevens (with Thomas Stranger)
t-9th – Adam Hissner (with Cody Henderson)
t-13th – Stacia Pugh / Chuckie Love
t-13th – Brandon Corwin / Trey Burchfield

Advanced Blind Draw (60 teams)
1st – Trey Burchfield (with Matthew Morton)

Big Blind Draw (59 teams)
t-9th – Mike Bechtel (with Bryndon Rodgers)