Power Outage

Monday Night league players, thank you for your understanding with the power outage. Unfortunately I am out of town next Monday 7/1, therefore, the tournament will have to resume on Monday 7/8 at 6:30pm.

If there is enough interest I will run a 100% payout, $5 blind draw starting around 7:30pm for those players completely eliminated, but looking to play more on 7/8. This will be open to ANYONE who wants to play as long as you are not still playing in the league tournament.

Here are the current brackets.

D1 – 14 Team Double Elimination

D2 – 11 Team Double Elimination

D3 – 9 Team Double Elimination

D4 – 8 Team Double Elimination

D5 – 9 Team Double Elimination

D6 Finals Standings
1st – Emily and Ray
2nd – Paisons
3rd – T&A
4th – Irish Bags
5th – Jason and Eric
6th – Bro’s Before Holes
7th – Jenn and Val