2019 ACL National #3 – Maricopa, AZ – Top NE Ohio Performers!

Finally found some time to report on ACL National #3 outside of Phoenix Arizona! We had over 500 players and gave out over $50,000 in prizes at this one. Plus NE Ohio was well represented on ESPN2 with the ladies winning their 3rd title in a row, congrats Stacia Pugh and Christine Papcke. Then Trey Burchfield and Brandon Corwin made their first ESPN2 appearance and Adam Hissner (along with Cody Henderson) made yet another ESPN2 appearance. Congrats to all of them and all of the winners!

Sorry, would have loved to get more pics, but just didn’t have time. Didn’t even make it to the ESPN2 recording until half way through game 4…

Here are all of our players that cashed in their events. If your name is listed below make sure to contact the ACL to collect your winnings!

Women’s Doubles (29 Teams)
1st – Christine Papcke / Stacia Pugh
t-7th – Dawn Rodgers / Sue Bernheisal
t-9th – Kerry Mittermiller and her partner Brittany Emge

Senior Doubles (12 Teams)
t-5th – Ken Schaef / Chuckie Love

Crew Cup (59 Teams)
t-2nd – Adam Hissner (with Cody Henderson, Jay Dotson and Sean Short)

Pro Doubles (50 Teams)
t-3rd – Trey Burchfield / Brandon Corwin
t-3rd – Adam Hissner and his partner Cody Henderson
t-5th – Ken Schaef / Christine Papcke
t-13th – Chuckie Love / Stacia Pugh

Advanced Singles (180 players)
t-5th – Trey Burchfield
t-13th – Ken Schaef
t-17th – Stacia Pugh

Advanced Doubles (102 teams)
t-7th – Trey Burchfield / Brandon Corwin
t-7th – Chuckie Love / Stacia Pugh

Advanced Blind Draw (48 teams)
t-9th – Trey Burchfield / Chad Braun
t-9th – Stacia Pugh and her partner Bryson Jacobs
t-9th – Chuckie Love and his partner Hunter Yaklin

Competitive Singles (106 players)
t-7th – Eric Barlow
t-17th – Anthony Kissel

Competitive Doubles (74 teams)
t-13th – Matt Abernathy / John Stover

Competitive Blind Draw (15 teams)
1st – Eric Barlow / Anthony Kissel
4th – Sue Bernheisal and her partner Carol Wozniak

Social Singles (126 players)
t-9th – Sue Bernheisal

Social Doubles (84 teams)

Social Blind Draw (55 teams)
t-5th – Tony Kissel

2nd Chance Blind Draw (24 teams)
t-5th – Eric Barlow and partner Shorty Kan