The Value of ACL Points

I have been asked several times lately why ACL points are important, so I put this document together. I realize ACL points are only important to some of our local players, but they certainly do mean something. Below is a link to a document that highlights the importance of ACL points.

*Note – not shown in this document is that last year many of our local players earned ACL Elite status by finishing top 64. All of those players were offered a contract from the ACL and many signed it. Because of this, 6 of our local players have been invited to Coney Island for the Pro Invitational event on July 4th which will be shown on ESPN/2! Congrats to those players. While finishing top 64 certainly does not guarantee you will get to play in that event next year, it does mean that it COULD happen…


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  1. John Boosinger says:

    Thanks for this very informative article Dave.

    Keep up the good work.