Knock Down Match Change?

Every league session we hold the “Knock Down” matches after round robin play is complete.  The team with the overall best record during round robin play has to play the team with the 2nd best record.  3rd best record plays 4th best and so on.  Previously each of these matches were best 2/3 and the winner won $20.

Due to the fact that a best 2/3 match can take over an hour and that if a team wins a game they can still leave with nothing, I am proposing a possible change (if the players agree).  If not we will keep it at 2/3 for $20.  The change would be that these “matches” would now be a 2 game match.  The winner of each game wins $10.  The team with the better record would be home team for either the first or second game (they get to choose) and they would play 2 games no matter what with the winner of each game getting $10.  Which do you prefer?  Please vote below.

Which Knock Down Format Do You Prefer?

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