Knock Down Games

West siders, I’m looking for your vote/opinion on the knock down games.  Knock down games/matches occur as soon as round robin ends each session.  Knock down games are for $20 and currently do not impact the standings, they are simply a match to try and give every team in the league a shot at getting some of their money back.  The team with the best record in round robin plays the team with the 2nd best record.  3rd best plays 4th best all the way down to the last two teams.  Each match is best 2/3 games and the winning team gets $20.

I would like to know if you still like this approach.  It was also suggested to perhaps run two of them, one after round robin and one at the end of the regular season.  Each worth $10 and the one at the end of the season would also count in the standings giving you one last chance to move up and pass the team ahead of you.

Or we could scrap it altogether and add the $20 to the prize pot for the top teams in each division.

Please vote now, thanks.

What Should We Do With the "Knock Down Matches"?

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