Spring Monday League Starts THIS MONDAY!

The Spring league is a new format, so there may be a few bugs to work out the first week or two, but we’ll get them ironed out.

For those of you who have not paid yet, the cost is $45/player (your team gets $20 back at the end of the session if you do not forfeit any games or have to have games rescheduled after the schedule is posted each week).  If you still owe (which many of you do), PLEASE BRING THE MONEY ON OPENING NIGHT!

The first night of the league is THIS Monday March 21st!  The schedule for this Monday will be posted on ClevelandCornhole.com by noon on Monday (hopefully before that).  Games will start around 6:35pm (shortly after reviewing some rules).  There are NO mandatory weeks off this time, if you need a week off I need to know by end of day THIS THURSDAY March 17th.

Playoffs are tentatively set for 5/23, all teams make the playoffs.  This could change should we have to cancel a night due to weather or for other reasons…

Below are the teams thus far and how much everyone has paid as well as the weeks off for the teams that have requested a week off. I’m still hoping to add a D2 team, may also have another D3 team, but not sure.  Since D2 is so small we will have D2 teams play D3 teams at least once during the season.  I also need team names for anyone who does not have a team name already.

Finally, here’s how a match is going to work.  A match consists of 3 games.  The first game is 4 on 4.  2 of your team members stand at one end and 2 of your team members stand at the other. Each player will only pitch 2 bags in the frame.  You will either pitch the 1st two bags or the last 2 bags. You may NOT change the order during a game. If you pitch the 1st two bags then you always pitch the 1st two bags for that game. The next game you can change, but you may not change during a game. You play up to (or over) 21 with the full inning to determine a winner.

After that game is over each 4-player team then splits into 2 doubles teams.  The WINNING team of the 4-player game splits their team up first and tells the LOSING team what their doubles teams will be.  Then the LOSING team splits their team into 2 doubles teams and matches them up however they wish with the WINNING teams doubles teams.  You then play those 2 doubles games.  Whichever 4-player team wins at least 2 out of 3 of the games wins the match. Note that ALL games matter as standings will be kept as match record, but then the tiebreaker will be overall record.  So winning a match 3-0 is better than winning 2-1.  And losing a match 1-2 is better than losing a match 0-3.

Questions?  Email me back, or text/call me at 440-570-5701


4-Player Registered Teams